Appetizers to watch the Super Bowl with the family

Appetizers to watch the Super Bowl with the family

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Do you like football? If you plan to see the Super Bowl or Super Bowl, you will have to prepare a series of appetizers. Some recipes that are simple and fast so you don't miss a single minute of this great event. Remember that this is a great time to reunite the family! How also to awaken the interest of children for this or another sport.

So everyone can watch the Super Bowl in a delicious way, offers us a series of fantastic ideas, from the classic hamburger to more original appetizers (but very simple and easy to make).

Before a great event like the super bowl You have two options: go see it live or stay home and enjoy the show with the family. Of course, you can not miss the appetizers. Potatoes, nachos, pizza ... what do you like best? Write down all these quick recipes to make and enjoy the moment with your family.

French fries ao oven. French fries are a kid's favorite side dish to any dish, but we have healthier alternatives like this kid's recipe for baked 'fries', healthy snack for kids. We tell you everything you need to get crispy and rich potatoes.

Mexican nachos. Macho nachos recipe. our site offers us the step of a Mexican recipe, step by step. An easy and quick recipe to prepare, ideal for an aperitif or a starter, for children.

Chicken Nuggets. Homemade chicken nuggets recipe. Ideal recipe for children's dinner. So that children do not abuse fast food we can prepare some of the recipes for children, such as homemade chicken nuggets.

Sausage rolls. Recipe for sausage rolls with puff pastry for the birthday party, for the children's snack or dinner. A recipe to make with the little ones in the house.

Chicken wings Honey. Chicken wings are a classic in children's food, thanks to their easy preparation. Give them a different and healthy touch with this children's recipe for chicken wings with honey sauce

American burger. Homemade American hamburger recipe for children's lunch or dinner. Traditional dishes from the U.S.A. for children. Easy and simple recipe to make American-style burgers. Learn and teach your children to make some meat burgers, licking their fingers.

Ham and cheese quesadillas. Simple and easy to prepare Mexican recipe for children. Ham and cheese quesadillas with guacamole sauce. our site offers us a recipe for a traditional Mexican meal. How to make special Mexican quesadillas for children.

Spirals of ham and cheese. These ham and cheese spirals are an easy appetizer that ticks all the boxes for a family dinner and party success. A safe bet for children. Easy recipe for puff pastry spirals with ham and cheese

Potato balls with cheese. Recipe for potato balls stuffed with cheese. our site offers us an original recipe, simple and very quick to prepare: some delicious potato balls stuffed with cheese. Ideal for an aperitif or first course.

Muffins of ham and cheese. Learn how to make these delicious and original ham and cheese muffins for children's breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner. An easy, quick recipe with which children can take their first steps in the kitchen. Ham and cheese muffins.

Mashed potato burger. Recipe for mashed potato cakes. our site offers us the step by step of a healthy, easy and quick recipe to make. Potato burgers. Kids will love it.

Sausage crepes. Simple recipe for sausage crepes step by step. How to make, step by step, sausage crepes, Sausage rolls for children's food. Recipe with sausages for children.

Stuffed ham or bacon rolls. Recipe for stuffed ham or bacon rolls. Easy, simple and quick recipe for children's lunch or dinner. Ham rolls stuffed with chicken, tomato and olives.

Colorful sweet popcorn. Colorful popcorn recipes for children. For a home theater afternoon, surprise your children with these colorful sweet popcorn for kids. We teach you how to make delicious sweet popcorn of all colors so that you surprise the children.

Potatoes with rosemary. Easy recipe to prepare some rosemary fries. French fries recipes. Simple dishes for children. Traditional homemade recipes.

Homemade bag chips. How to make homemade potato chips like baggy ones On our site we suggest that you try to make your chips at home very easily and simply, with the children.

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