Mixed breastfeeding: advantages and disadvantages

Mixed breastfeeding: advantages and disadvantages

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Mixed breastfeeding, that is, one that combines breastfeeding with feeding from baby's milk bottles, has advantages and disadvantages.

Some parents have to resort to mixed breastfeeding, but many others resort to it voluntarily seduced by its advantages.

The main advantage of mixed breastfeeding, without a doubt, is the alternation in the laborious work of feeding our baby. While breastfeeding is exclusive to the mother, bottle feeding allows the father or another person to participate in this work. This not only allows more time for the mother, but also allows the father not to be excluded from this very binding phase between baby and parents.

Mixed breastfeeding, that is why, very common among women returning to work after maternity leave. But not only among them, because supplementing the baby's diet in those cases in which breast milk is not enough is another very common situation to resort to mixed breastfeeding.

In both cases, the disadvantages are several. First of all, the manufacture of the bottle requires a process of sterilization, preparation and heating. Something that, obviously, we do not need to do when we breastfeed. On the other hand, the baby is much easier and more comfortable to take the bottle, so we risk getting used to it and when it comes to breastfeeding don't strain to suction correctly. In addition, by breastfeeding less, the body generates less milk, which is why we shorten breastfeeding, which is so beneficial for our baby.

To reduce the disadvantages of mixed breastfeeding, it is advisable to have exclusive breastfeeding well established for several weeks. In this way, we make sure that the milk rises correctly and that the baby gets used to sucking.

Once we start mixed breastfeeding, it is advisable to do it progressively, with a single bottle of infant milk every 24 hours. The feedings can be given alternately - a first breast feeding and a second bottle feeding - or in a supplementary way, that is, starting all feedings with breastfeeding - at least, about 15 minutes - and ending them with the bottle.

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