What can be done against postpartum depression

What can be done against postpartum depression

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If you feel the symptoms of depression when you give birth, that is, you feel sad, anxious, irritable and tired, remember that this is a common disorder that affects many other women after pregnancy.

Postpartum depression is not rare and there is also an effective solution to get you out of that situation. In addition to medical care, you can do a lot for yourself and thus speed up treatment.

1- Talk about your feelings, your fears, your anxieties, with someone.

2- Look for moments of rest, moments to do absolutely nothing.

3- Make a journal. Tell him everything you feel, in addition to your own evolution.

4- Do not take steps back if one day you wake up without wanting to do anything. Do not despair. Respect yourself. If on that day you can't do what I had proposed, relax and take a break. Tomorrow you will.

5- Be honest with yourself. Don't do what you can't do. Talk to your partner, seek help.

6- Go to the doctor when necessary.

7- Try not to be alone all day every day. Make an effort to meet your friends or get together with your family.

8- Accept all the help that they offer you. Nobody is perfect.

9- Forget about keeping the house always in order. What is possible is done and that's it.

10- Avoid all kinds of effort that causes fatigue in you. Fatigue can make depression worse.

11- Eat properly.

12- Do physical exercise. What you like and what happens.

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