Misfortunes that can happen if you leave the child alone in the car

Misfortunes that can happen if you leave the child alone in the car

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It is no wonder that the media reports tragic news from deaths of children whose parents had left them alone in the car. Why does it happen so often?

The number of events of this type in the United States usually averages 38 cases per year, but it occurs in all parts of the world and in families of all cultural and economic levels. Despite the information and warnings, they are tragedies that continue to occur, even more so after the regulations recommended placing the baby's seat in the back seat against the direction of travel.

It may seem strange and difficult to believe that a parent leaves their child behind in the car, however, the data suggests that it usually happens for three different reasons:

1. The driver is distracted and forgets that his son is behind

2. The child takes the parent's keys and gets into the car

3. The driver leaves the child to run an errand for a time that he considers short.

- Car theft: There are many reasons for not leaving a baby or a child alone in a car, but one of them is represented by the case that happened in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) where a mother left her 10-month-old daughter, Yareli Velasco, inside the car while she went to the laundry. At that moment, a man stole the car with the baby inside. Fortunately, the car appeared and the girl was safe and sound, although terrified. This is just one example, nor has it been the only case of this type, nor is it an isolated event.

- Panic in children: It is terrifying for a minor to feel alone, without company and without anyone to assist them. The feeling of abandonment you feel can lead to other disorders and trauma later.

- Heatstroke: in summer the car temperature can reach 65º in just 15 minutes, if the outside temperature is 35º. A child in the car can become dehydrated in that time since his temperature can rise up to 42 degrees, which can cause death. This event can also occur in winter if we leave the baby with the heating on and warm.

- Car accident: The child can start the car if the parents forgot the keys inside and as a consequence have an accident.

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