Educating children for healthy sexuality

Educating children for healthy sexuality

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The baby from very early begins to become aware of his own being, as an individual different from his mother, so after a few weeks he is hypnotized looking at his own hands and takes them to his mouth with relish, also the knowledge of his sexuality begins usually from two years of age, at which point they begin to compare and observe their anatomical differences with the other sex already be curious for their genitals.

Sex is present from birth and both boys and girls are often interested in and are struck by their mother's breast or their father's penis. It is very normal that, just as they did with their hands, they want to explore their genitals, especially when they begin to have an interest in pee and poop.

- Masturbation is very common among children. Children sometimes begin to touching their genitals at 18 months of age, a trend that stabilizes when children reach 3 or 5 years of age and then decreases in frequency until puberty. Children masturbate for pleasure, to calm down, or simply to explore themselves, an act that stems from their natural curiosity about their body.

We can have different ways of proceeding, but of course we should not throw our hands at our heads if our son discovers the pleasure of manipulating his sexual organs, nor think that it is abnormal for such a young child. Our attitude should be natural and relaxed, without the child associating the act of discovery or enjoyment of their genitals with something negative or prohibited.

- Depending on the age we can speak more or less clearly about sexual aspects, but the fundamental thing is to control and monitor that the child does not become obsessed with the subject. Children should not anticipate stages of development, so, without nerves, we must offer entertainment options, and other avenues of enjoyment and relaxation for the child.

- We must also teach them correct hygiene habits with their genitals (avoid manipulating them with dirty hands, protect them with underwear at all times and gradually teach them to preserve their privacy: go to the bathroom, get dressed after bathing and not show genitalia when They are already somewhat older.

- Respect for the privacy of others is also important: the child must respect the body of others, be they old or young. Self-touching and exploration are normal, but they must understand that this is part of their privacy and should not be extended to other children.

- Something fundamental is that children do not have external influences, which lead them to try to imitate adult sexual behaviors, We should never allow a child to see pornographic images or those for which they are not psychologically prepared and showing impulsive sexuality and lack of affection.

- For a healthy sexuality we must make them understand that sexual behavior is an excellent and unique sample of love among the elderly (kisses, hugs or other expressions of affection between mom and dad are the natural consequence of loving each other).

- In any case, we should avoid showing them an obsession with experimenting with their own sex, since it is often a reflection of their impulsiveness or that the child is experiencing situations of tension or loneliness.

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