I am pregnant: what do I buy?

I am pregnant: what do I buy?

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All of you who have gone through the pregnancy experience, you already know that there is a stage in which we are still thin to wear the clothes of the future mother, but in which we can barely button our pants and everything seems to tighten us.

In these first months or just after giving birth, it hurts more to scratch our pockets to buy clothes, since we know that we are facing a figure in transition and hence we are pulling with what we have ...

Until we can show off our little tummy or have recovered the figure after childbirth, we do not have to resign ourselves to wearing a look or improvised garments. Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up on being fashionable, to our own style or to be uncomfortable, there are clothes that somehow evolve along with our gestation, since we regulate the waist progressivelyThere are also loose shirts and shirts that will serve us both in this first phase of our pregnancy and later.

The jeans They are one of the most versatile garments that we can have in our wardrobe, since they combine very well with almost everything and are always current and modern. In this regard, there are jeans and other pants that adapt perfectly to different phases of pregnancy and postpartum thanks to the fact that they have a very low waistband and are complemented by a elastic mesh that adapts perfectly to the different volumes of the casing. I, personally, have taken a lot out of them.

Comfort is one of the essential requirements during pregnancy, so we must wear comfortable underwear. We must choose suitable bras for our new state, with good support to the back, and we must change our panties for maternity or use simple cotton bikini panties that do not pressure our abdomen and thighs.

Especially in summer, pregnant women increase their temperature considerably, if not, ask their parents who share a bed and, therefore, it is more than convenient to choose clothes that allow perfect perspiration, made of natural fibers, to have low control hot flashes, hot flashes and hives.

Finally, and not least, you must be careful when choosing footwear, especially if your legs swell or you have to stand for a long time. Your feet may get bigger with which you will have to adapt it to the new size, perhaps it will be useful if they are somewhat wider, some nice espadrilles or sandals so that the foot can expand.

In general, it is advised that the footwear is neither too flat nor too high (the heel should not exceed 5 centimeters) but this advice is even firmer when we want to prevent back pain, leg pain, edema, or sciatica during the pregnancy.

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