Pope Francis' affection therapy for hospitalized children

Pope Francis' affection therapy for hospitalized children

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Medical treatments are essential for sick children to recover, there is no doubt about that, but there is another medicine that helps children get better. It is an invaluable treatment, but it does not cost money, anyone can apply it, even those who are not doctors and you do not have to go looking for it anywhere, it is everywhere. It is the affection.

The Pope Francisco has made it clear in a visit to a hospital in Mexico, thanking all the people who help children who are sick with 'affection therapy'.

Pope Francis has made the word 'affection therapy' go around the world. During his visit to the facilities of the Federico Gómez pediatric hospital in Mexico, he greeted the children who were admitted, many of them suffering from cancer. His words were: 'I thank all the people who, not only with medicines, but also with affection therapy, help to make this time more joyful'.

The Pope not only gave a speech, but also preached by example and hugged, encouraged and caressed each of the children he encountered during his visit. He even vaccinated one of the children against polio, giving him a few drops by mouth.

Drugs may do a large part of the work, but love helps a lot. In the same way that lack of affection slows down the growth of children, increases their probability of suffering infections or causes them stress and anxiety, giving them affection produces great achievements. We all know that it is not the same to be cared for by distant and serious nurses and doctors than by professionals who are affectionate, friendly and who transmit positivism and joy.

Children, even more when they are sick, need to feel loved, protected and understood. Holding their hands, giving them a caress or saying some nice words, are actions that cost nothing and, nevertheless, it contributes so much to them that not doing so should be a crime.

They say that the state of mind is fundamental in overcoming a disease, they also say that family love is the best treatment for Alzheimer's patients, and even that therapies with animals are excellent to treat some disorders. All this has a fundamental ingredient: affection.

There are things that are so evident that it would not be necessary to say them, and yet they are still necessary, otherwise Pope Francis' proposal would not have gone around the world. Perhaps with the commitment to carry out 'affection therapy' to hospitalized children, those more distant and harsh professionals, will rethink how much a sick child needs a caress and a few words of encouragement and how much it influences his improvement.

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