Children's activities related to the cat

Children's activities related to the cat

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The cat is one of the favorite animals of children. Having a cat as a pet at home can help children develop a sense of responsibility and commitment from an early age. Closing a relationship with a pet can be very useful in the education of children.

On February 20, the Cat day. Thinking about it, He has selected some activities related to the cat, so that the children can have fun.

We have selected a range of activity ideas that parents can play with with their children. Everything, related to the cat. From crafts or how to draw a cat, to songs, stories, fables and cat makeup. We hope you like it!

The cat and the Mouse. Fable for children. our site brings you The Cat and the Mouse, a fables by La Fontaine to encourage children to become fond of reading through short stories with a message. Children's stories to learn.

Mr. Don Gato. Lyrics. Mr. Don Gato is a traditional song that has been passed down from generation to generation and that amuses children a lot. A song with rhymes to sing as a family. our site presents a selection of the best children's songs recommended by parents.

Cat and mouse Game for children. Cat and mouse, a traditional children's game for children's free time. Classic hobbies for children. our site teaches us how to play cat and mouse. Games of a lifetime.

Puss in Boots. Children's fables. Puss in Boots, a classic story for children. Children's literature. Short stories to encourage reading. Traditional tales. Fables with a moral.

It was a big cat. Childish song. Lyrics of the song It was a big cat. Nursery rhymes for babies and children. We select the best children's songs so that parents can enjoy them with their children.

How to make a cat mask. Cardboard cat mask. our site proposes us to make a simple craft to prepare an original costume for children. Have fun with the children by making this cardboard cat mask.

A cat. Makeup for children. A cat makeup for children. our site teaches us to make a cat makeup, step by step, with photos. Kids love to look wilder, stronger, and more powerful. The makeup, as well as the costume, stimulates the fantasy and imagination of the smallest of the house.

Cat makeup for kids. Cat makeup for children's parties, birthdays, carnival, costumes. Learn to easily draw a picture on children's faces. Boost creativity, create your costumes. Ideas to make up the face of children

How to make a cat mask. Cat mask. On our site we offer you a cat mask to draw and paint with children. Learn to draw a bee mask for Carnival and birthday parties. Animal masks to print and color with your children.

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