Feeding with the Kangaroo Mother Method

Feeding with the Kangaroo Mother Method

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Babies born prematurely require special care, often including hospitalization and staying for days or weeks in incubator machines.

However, in recent years, institutions such as UNICEF Y World Health Organization (WHO) recommend applying, as far as possible, the so-called Kangaroo Mother Method (MMC), a technique that seeks to reduce the separation time between mother and baby and reduce, in turn, the hospital stay of the baby. little.

This method, created by the doctor Edgar Rey Sanabria in Bogotá, Colombia, it is based on maintaining body-to-body contact between mother and child, which determines certain details when breastfeeding.

According to experts from National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico (INP), this method includes the instructions necessary for the mother to feed her baby while maintaining the vertical contact position.

Mom must learn to massage her breasts to promote the exit of milk as well as techniques to promote the suction or extraction reflex. The frequency of each feeding is also explained, and, if necessary, the preparation of the formula milk.

Once the most important aspects of breastfeeding are known, parents should consider special recommendations for the Kangaroo Mother Method. For example, only the baby's body contact of an adult to change it or to pass it on to someone else.

In addition, according to INP experts, the baby should not be bathed or the vertical position should be varied, so the mother, father or adult who maintains contact with the child should get used to sleep semi-sitting.

You should never abandon tapping frequencies, even if the baby is asleep. In that case, the child will be awakened to continue feeding. If you refuse to eat, you should go to the hospital. Finally, it is also recommended that the mother remain calm and with the baby in the correct position for half an hour after each feeding.

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