Benefits of construction games for children

Benefits of construction games for children

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Construction games are one of the star toys throughout childhood. From the first year of life to almost adolescence, varying in the type of parts and the difficulty of construction, children are excited to play build, stack, destroy and start over.

Whatever the pieces we have chosen, with their various shapes and ways of fitting, stacking or screwing, construction games develop children's ingenuity when building houses, castles, cities, cars, objects or the characters they They want and are essential for the cognitive development of children, but also useful for their emotional and social development.

The benefits of construction games they go beyond stimulating children's imagination and creativity. They favor the development of various cognitive abilities such as perception, spatial orientation, attention or language among many others ...

1. They develop eye-hand coordination, a skill on which the manual dexterity indispensable for learning many school tasks and a number of practices necessary in everyday life depends, thanks to which we learn to adjust the movements that relate the hand to an object.

2. They favor fine motor skills of the hands and fingers, strengthening muscles and improving the precision and coordination of movements that children perform with their hands and fingers, an essential skill for the correct acquisition of writing when the time comes.

3. They develop visuospatial and visuoperceptual skills. Capacities that we need to locate ourselves in space, use the references of the environment and develop ourselves in it, giving meaning to the world around us. It facilitates the understanding and use of spatial concepts such as high-low, near-far, front-back, or quantitative such as big-small, full-empty ...

4. They stimulate the executive brain functions of organization, planning or flexibility.

5. They allow the learning of basic mathematical concepts and simple geometric shapes.

6. They learn physical laws like gravity or balance.

7. They promote attention and concentration.

8. They help in learning colors.

9. Enrich oral expression thanks to the increased vocabulary used in shared play.

10. Develop imagination and creativity.

11. They can be used to learn classifications by colors, shapes or sizes, as well as to make logical series. What it promotes cognitive reasoning.

12. They are also an excellent material for simulation games, where boys and girls adopt different roles or roles, using it as a mechanism for substitution and representation of reality.

13. When they play in a group or with siblings promote values ​​such as cooperation and collaboration.

14. Promote the development of good self-esteem and self-concept, since the child feels capable of making different constructions and if they are valued by their parents, siblings or friends much better.

15. And finally, they are an excellent tool to teach them to order and collect.

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