Errors and successes with children's homework

Errors and successes with children's homework

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In many homes, parents face the same problem every day: the child does not want to do homework, comes home with too many tasks, takes a long time to finish their homework, or the parents do not know well how to help their children.

In We are going to tell you what parents should do and what we should never do in relation to school homework.

We must create a study habit, teach the child to learn, so that little by little he can face only his homework without needing so much supervision. How do we do it?

1. We must show a positive attitude versus duties, regardless of our personal opinion.

2. You have to create a suitable atmosphere: without noise or distractions, in a comfortable environment and with good light. In addition, the child must have all the necessary materials on his desk.

3. Create a work schedule: It is not advisable to leave homework until late in the day when children are tired. You have to create a daily schedule and do your homework at the same time, for example: have a snack, do your homework and play.

4. When the child asks for help, we should not do homework, but guide and induce him to get the answer himself. The solution must be given by him.

5. When you notice that the child is tired or blocked, let him stop ten minutes so that you can rest and resume later with more concentration.

6. Praise and highlight the progress he makes or congratulate him when he has done an exercise well.

7. Show interest in his homework, ask every day what jobs he has to do and help him review it.

Everything mentioned above is essential for children to learn to master study habits gradually, but it is also essential not to make mistakes like these:

1. Do the children's homework. Although the answer may seem very obvious, we must not give it to you. We will only get them used to it.

2. Put pressure on the child and make us nervousYelling at children, scolding them or even punishing them will do nothing more than block the child and get him to refuse homework time.

3. Teach them more than what they have learned in school: if the child has not yet learned certain subjects, we should not introduce them at home. We run the risk of confusing you if you learn differently at school or frustrating you if you are not yet ready for that knowledge.

4. Protest in front of them by the level of the burden of duties or the quality of them. If we do not agree, we must protest in the center, but never before the child.

5. Don't be rigorous: it is a mistake to let them do their homework anywhere, at any time, next to the tablet or the television.

6. Not being a support: sometimes they don't take their homework too seriously and we don't pay attention or are available when they need it.

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