Moms with Zika virus can breastfeed their babies

Moms with Zika virus can breastfeed their babies

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The World Health Organization has published a report in which it discards that the Zika virus can pass from mother to baby through breastfeeding and has insisted on the benefits of breastfeeding babies from their first hour of life and up to six months exclusively .

And is that,the benefit of breast milk is greater for the newborn than the risk of exposure to the virus.

Before the social alarm caused by the Zika virus and complications detected in babies born to mothers who are carriers of the disease, the WHO has launched a report to prevent moms living in affected countries from stopping breastfeeding their babies for fear of transmitting the virus.

Until now no cases of Zika virus transmission have been detected from breastfeeding, even in mothers carrying the virus, although the presence of the virus has been detected in the milk of two infected mothers. The recommendation to breastfeed the baby is also valid for mothers who have had babies with congenital anomalies, including microcephaly.

There are no data on babies carrying the virus who have suffered neurological damage or serious illness after birth. Furthermore, health agencies and pediatricians remind us that the benefits of breast milk for the baby and the mother They are greater than the risk of a possible contagion that occurs through breast milk.

The WHO also refers in its report to microcephaly, a neurological disorder with which hundreds of babies have been born to mothers affected by the Zika virus during gestation, and to Guillain-Barré syndrome, another complication associated with the virus. Since these are two of the serious effects that the Zika virus produces, health agencies recommend regular measurement of the baby's head circumference during the first five weeks of life.

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