Celtic horoscope for babies

Celtic horoscope for babies

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We dress as druids to inquire into the secrets of the celtic horoscope. Because we would like to know our baby better, we turn to astrology and Celtic wisdom in this horoscope whose signs represent different trees. Protective trees that will tell us what type of baby will be according to the day of its birth.

Birch (June 24). Babies born on the summer solstice are protected by this tree that symbolizes the inspiration and that marks the beginning of the Celtic calendar. They are very creative and imaginative babies who create a pleasant environment around them.

Apple tree (from December 23 to January 1; from June 25 to July 4). Babies born on these dates are protected by the apple tree that symbolizes the love and seduction, but also generosity and loyalty.

Fir tree (from January 02 to 11; from July 05 to 14). On these dates and protected by the fir tree, you are born the most enigmatic, of awake intelligence and with a dazzling charisma.

Elm (from January 12 to 24; from July 15 to 25). The nobility it is the main feature of babies born under the protection of the elm tree. They also have a great sense of humor and love sincerity above all else.

Cypress (from January 24 to February 03; from July 26 to August 4). Under the protection of the cypress the most children are born loyal and optimists who waste energy and vitality.

Poplar (from February 04 to 08; from May 01 to 14; from August 05 to 13). As the poplar is the symbol of uncertaintyBabies born on these dates are very thoughtful and analytical. They are responsible babies with a great need for affection.

Cedar (from February 9 to 18; from August 14 to 23). The cedar is the tree that symbolizes the trust. Babies born on these dates are characterized by their solidarity and by enjoying good self-esteem.

Pine tree (from February 19 to 29; from August 24 to September 2). Babies born under the protection of the pine tree are babies organized and perfectionists with a great practical sense of life.

Weeping willow (from March 01 to 10; from September 03 to 12). This tree symbolizes the melancholia. Therefore, babies born on these dates are dreamy, imaginative babies with a tendency to introspection. Intuition never fails them.

Linden (March 11-20; September 13-22). Under the protection of the linden, babies are born who consider the friendship the fundamental engine of life. They are sociable and friendly babies with a big heart.

Oak (March 21st). This tree protects babies born on the vernal equinox. Symbolizes the courage, so these babies are very energetic and adventurous and have a clear tendency to independence.

Olive (September 23). The autumn equinox is represented by the olive tree that symbolizes the wisdom. Babies born on this date are calm, very balanced and empathetic babies.

Hazel (from March 22 to 31; from September 24 to October 3). As this tree symbolizes extraordinary, these babies stand out for a special charm. Their charisma is innate as well as being sensitive and tolerant.

Rowan (from April 01 to 10; from October 04 to 13). The sensitivity It is the main characteristic of babies born under the protection of the rowan. Lovers of life, they are also impetuous and passionate.

Maple (from April 11 to 20; from October 14 to 23). Babies born under the protection of the maple stand out for their tolerance and your open mind. In addition to being understanding, they are very attracted to new experiences.

Walnut (from April 21 to 30; from October 24 to November 11). The passion rules the lives of babies born under the protection of walnut. They are also spontaneous babies who are carried away by impulses.

Brown (May 14-24; November 12-21). This tree symbolizes the honesty. Babies born on these dates stand out for their fidelity and give priority to feelings.

ash tree (from May 25 to June 03; from November 22 to December 1). As the ash tree symbolizes ambitionBabies born on these dates are babies with initiative, entrepreneurs and with a great capacity for learning.

Hornbeam (from June 04 to 13; from December 02 to 11). Babies born under the protection of hornbeam stand out for their elegance. They are also reasonable and balanced babies who are not fond of scandals.

Fig tree (June 14-23; December 12-21). The fig tree symbolizes sensitivity. Babies born on these dates are talented and resourceful, they like comfort and feel safe and secure in the family.

Is (December 22th). It is the tree of creativity and also the winter solstice. Babies born on this date stand out for their goodness and nobility and have a great capacity for effort.

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