Nest syndrome: preparing for the baby's arrival

Nest syndrome: preparing for the baby's arrival

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You are in the third trimester of pregnancy, labor is approaching and, suddenly, you are overwhelmed by an urgent need to clean, organize, place or prepare the house.

Although the belly no longer allows great excesses, you are able to climb a ladder to clean the ceiling, or empty an entire bookcase because you think it has too much dust. Relax, you are not the only one that happens, nor are you becoming hyperactive, it is the nest syndrome.

Known as nest syndrome It is a behavior that affects pregnant women in the last phase of pregnancy. In those last days, a feeling invades us, not only of having everything ready for the baby's arrival, but it must also be clean to pass the 'cotton test' and collected to the extreme. I admit that I used to climb the ladder to clean the upper part of the doors and the walls well, a phase of transitory madness. But why does this happen?:

- Anxiety about the arrival of labor causes the pregnant woman keeps busy with the most impossible activities, how to clean the walls.

- We want to receive the baby who comes in the best conditions, that he finds everything clean and comfortable and that nothing, not a speck of dust, bother him.

- This last boost of energy helps us get used to the next stage, in which sleeping and resting will be very complicated.

- It is a practical measure, since we know that once we have our baby in our arms, we will have little time for the most extreme cleaning.

Nest syndrome is named for a analogy with birds that build and maintain their nests to be able to brood their young. However, it is important that you follow these tips:

- that this frenetic activity is not dangerous, such as picking up very heavy objects

- it is important to share with the partner or family what is worrying us

- It is important to rest and save energy for ... the one that is coming!

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