Common Parents' Recycling Mistakes

Common Parents' Recycling Mistakes

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Recycling does not only mean using the three containers: organic, paper and glass. Sometimes simply by using them, we already believe we are very ecological, but we do not realize that not all the elements have to end up in those containers and, above all, many times we don't use them well.

And it is that parents make some recycling errors, sometimes due to ignorance and others due to laziness. If you don't believe it, answer: Where do you throw the wet wipes? If the answer is to the toilet, you are making one of the common recycling mistakes.

Domestic oil: many times we throw the oil that we are no longer going to use down the drain, but in addition to damaging the pipes, it contaminates soils and rivers. The oil can be recycled, keeping it in a jar and taking it to the clean point where there is an appropriate container for it. Do you know that it can be used to make biodiesel or soaps?

Wipes- Tons of wet wipes are flushed down the toilet every year, causing severe clogs in drains in homes and apartment buildings. By extension, this fact ends up damaging the functioning of public sanitation, and it is necessary to invest a lot of money to fix it. To avoid this, just have a bin next to the toilet and throw the wet wipes there.

Cotton buds: they cannot be flushed down the toilet, nor should the yellow container (containers) be their destination. For an item as small as this, the ideal is to throw it into the generic container or take it to the clean point.

Diapers: It may seem incredible, but yes, many parents flush diapers down the toilet, causing clogs in pipes, both private and general. There is only one place for them: the general waste container.

Medicines: these are products that can pollute the environment, so they never have to go to the general container, but to the specific one to treat both the container and the content properly.

Foil: we usually wrap our children's sandwiches or sandwiches with it but when we finish using them, we should not throw it into the general container, as we usually do, but into the yellow one. 72% of this material can be recycled.

Light bulbs: if the child has blown the bulb of the flexo and you have to put a new one, do not throw the old one into the glass container, it is a mistake. It has to be taken to the clean point. It also happens with broken glass glasses or mirrors, because their composition is different from the glass with which the bottles are made.

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