The differences between Flu A and seasonal flu

The differences between Flu A and seasonal flu

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Since the first case of influenza A (H1A1) in the world was diagnosed, many are the doubts that have arisen in the population.
On the one hand, there are the people who, often due to lack of knowledge, guidance and information, are causing real turmoil around the subject.

One of the doubts that people have, in a general way, is about the difference between influenza A and seasonal influenza, that is, that of a lifetime.

How to distinguish them? The World Health Organization provides information on both from its pages. In it we can see that the symptoms are quite similar. Both have a fever, headache, chills, cough, or muscle aches.

The difference lies in the intensity of each of the symptoms, so it will finally be a laboratory that indicates if the analysis tests positive for Flu A or seasonal flu.

In general, flu A has its symptoms for fewer days than seasonal flu but gives a higher fever. In addition, it can be more virulent than the common one, although it is not dangerous for most of the people.

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