The inventor of monsters. Children's short story

The inventor of monsters. Children's short story

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Books are essential food for children. The stories feed their imagination and creativity, and give them wings to dream. Hence, they are essential tools in children's learning.

This tale, 'The inventor of monsters', talks about how valuable stories can be to children and how important learning to read is to a child. Do you want to know the history?

Ramoncete did not want to learn to read. So many letters together seemed like a huge boredom, and he did not quite understand why all the adults and many other children enjoyed reading so much.

He looked at the letters and didn't see anything interesting, he was so fond of stories about monsters and terrible bugs. One day I was walking through Don Mostrocho's costume shop. He loved that store, because Don Mostrocho he was capable of inventing the most amazing monsters, and every year it had many new monsters, as difficult as it was just to invent a new one! That day the owner of the store was reading, and Ramoncete was struck by:

- Why do you read so much? If the books don't say anything interesting!

- What do you mean? - Don Mostrocho answered.

"Of course, they don't say anything about monsters or bugs," added the kid.

- I can not believe it! - the shopkeeper exclaimed, surprised - I still haven't told you my secret?

Then Don Mostrocho took the book he was reading and showed it to Ramoncete.

- What do you see here?

The boy began to read with some difficulty and reluctance.

- Nerd! , not that way. You have to look at everything. If you want you can move it away a bit, or even turn it around. Don't you see something different?

At the moment Ramoncete saw it: the lines and letters on that page formed a large drawing that reminded him of a dinosaur! And a huge smile was drawn on his face. He began to turn the pages and discovered many other figures on each page, as the lines were lengthened and shortened, to the right, to the side and backwards, and without ceasing to imagine that they could be monsters, animals or ghosts ...

"Now you know how I invent so many monsters," said Don Mostrocho, winking at him. "All you have to do is read the page, and then look at it to discover the monster it hides." Did you know that almost all of them have something special? you just have to know how to see it.

Ramoncete said goodbye excited about his new discovery, and from that moment on it was rare not to find him with a book in his hand, looking for the figures he was hiding, and without even realizing the thousands of new things that he learned, every day, through their books.

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