Benefits of quinoa in children's diet

Benefits of quinoa in children's diet

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Quinoa is a food that is gaining more and more followers and is that it is natural, low in calories, very nutritious and even suitable for the diet of celiac children, since it does not contain gluten. It has been consumed for thousands of years in South America, but not long ago it began to be known throughout the world as a superfood.

Some people believe that it is a cereal, however it is considered pseudocereal, that is, it is grown and consumed the same as a cereal, but it is not. It's about a grain whose seeds are edible.

Quinoa is usually taken as a side, boiled or mixed with other foods. A simple cup of these seeds contain protein, fiber, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and vitamins of group B. These are their benefits:

- Fiber: it is a food very rich in fiber, although it loses part of it when boiling or cooking it.

- Protein: contains more protein and higher quality than most cereals.

- Minerals: it is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, so much so that a cup has 30% of the daily minerals necessary in the diet of children.

- Amino acids: contains lysine, which favors the formation of antibodies and improves immune function.

- Calcium: it contains more calcium than rice or corn so it helps bone development in children in infancy.

- Obesity: it is an ideal food for children who are overweight since it is low in fat and sugar.

- Versatility: it is a food that can be eaten at any meal and admits countless variations when cooking it.

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