If you are going to have a baby with Down syndrome, don't be afraid

If you are going to have a baby with Down syndrome, don't be afraid

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How many mothers lose sleep, sink with fear, become depressed or despairing or even resort to abortion, when they know they are going to have a baby with Down's Syndrome. Personally, although I know that I would never do an abortion (and I clarify that I respect the decision of whoever does it), I would surely be saddened and worried a lot.

If you are going through a situation like this, I advise you to watch this video. No mother is and should not be a hero for continuing with the pregnancy after the sad news, but she should learn more about the subject. This video will surely touch your heart and you will think: It will be difficult, very difficult, but my son and I will be happy.

Dear future mom, don't be afraid, is the tender title of this video that I share with you. It was prepared by the National Coordinating Association of People with Down Syndrome, in response to a scared and concerned letter from a mother who was going to have a baby with this chromosomal disorder. She wondered what kind of life your son would have with Down's Syndrome.

Watch the video and you will be impressed and excited like me. A humane, moving and motivating message, and at the same time very informative. A child with Down syndrome is not a sick child. Like other children, he can be happy. Together we can make it possible. So says this beautiful video.

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