Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems for children

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Poetry is present in children since they are born, and that is because lullabies are nothing other than sung poetry. Poetry helps children to exercise their memory, to expand their vocabulary, to stimulate their imagination and to develop a greater sensitivity towards what surrounds them.

Some of the most important authors of literature have among their work some christmas poems for children, they are ideal poems for children to recite during the holidays. You can learn them as a family and have a good time reciting them.

On our site we have selected a series of original and very traditional Christmas poems for children for your children to recite.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Jesús, María y José is a Christmas poem written by Gloria Fuertes, one of the best known children's poets. On our site you can read this poem and recite it with the children. Through poetry children can also learn different messages.

There is a child they say. Gloria Fuertes is one of the best known children's poets. On our site we have selected one of his poems so that you can read it to your children. Short poem There is a child who say

Mary Mother. María Madre is a short poem about Christmas, written by Gloria Fuertes. You can read this Christmas poetry to your children or even help them memorize it. Christmas poems are a very positive resource to explain the meaning and spirit of Christmas to children.

Jesus, the sweet one, is coming. The poem 'Jesus, the sweet, comes', is a beautiful poem by Juan Ramón Jiménez that talks about the birth of Jesus. Children can learn this poem to recite to the family.

On the way to Bethlehem. On our site we propose you to enjoy Christmas poems, it is a great time for children to learn more about Christmas traditions through poems and rhymes.

The thief of the portal. Here is a fantastic poem to read to children at Christmas: The Portal Thief. It is about the Bethlehem portal. A rhyming poem for children about the birth of the baby Jesus. Christmas poem to explain to children the true meaning of the Christmas holidays.

Poem of Santa Claus. On our site we offer you a poem about Santa Claus so that the children can memorize it and recite it before the family for Christmas. A good occasion to do a 'little theater' with the family during the celebrations. Santa Claus is a poem for children.

The three wise men. Among all the work of Rubén Darío, on our site we have found this short Christmas poem about the Three Wise Men, an ideal poem to read to children at Christmas. Teach your child to recite this beautiful poetry about the Magi.

Who has entered the portal of Bethlehem? The poem Who has entered the Bethlehem portal? Is one of the traditional poems of Spanish literature. Written by Gerardo Diego, famous writing of the Generation of 27, it is one of the most popular about Christmas. Learn this poem to recite with the children.

Good night. Christmas poem about Christmas Eve by the Mexican poet Amado Nervo. Lyrics of a beautiful Mexican poem about the birth of Jesus, to learn to recite on Christmas night, for the whole family. Teach this poem 'Christmas Eve' to your children.

The straws of the manger. Las pajas del Pesebre is a beautiful poem written by Lope de Vega for Christmas. The birth of Jesus in the manger between straws is his theme, and is one of the children's favorites at Christmas. The straws of the manger. Christmas poem for children

Birth of Christ. Poem by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz on the Birth of Christ and the bees. This poem explains the life of bees and their relationship with flowers. Birth of Christ, in which the bee ran. Poems to learn and recite with children at Christmas parties.

Who has entered the portal of Bethlehem? Learn this poem to recite with the children.

My goodness My mother, it is one of the poems that Gloria Fuertes dedicated to Christmas and children. He tells us about the Virgin Mary and the Magi and their arrival in Bethlehem to see the newborn baby Jesus.

The baby Jesus and the orange grove. This beautiful anonymous poem tells us about how the baby Jesus cries because he is thirsty, but the farmers on the road give the virgin oranges to calm him: the baby Jesus and the orange grove. Christmas poems for children.

The king of peace. The King of Peace is a poem by Gloria Fuertes about the birth of Jesus. Beautiful poem dedicated to Christmas about the King of Peace, perfect for children to learn this Christmas.

The faith of the blind. La fé del ciego is a beautiful popular song about the path of the Virgin with the child to Nazareth. A poem handed down from generation to generation about the flight of the Virgin to Egypt, very appropriate to teach children at Christmas. The faith of the blind. Christmas song for children.

The march to Egypt. The March to Egypt is a beautiful Christmas poem, which has been turned into a song. Many are the children who recite it at Christmas, since it tells of the miracles that the child Jesus is doing on the way to Egypt. Christmas poem for children.

The sleepy king. The Sleepy King is a children's poem written by Gloria Fuertes for the Christmas season. The child wants to sleep but the Virgin encourages him to be awake because the shepherds and the Magi are coming.

How graceful and gentle was the Virgin's beauty. Christmas time is coming, and the poems that tell us about the nativity of Jesus are very appropriate to read to children at this time. We leave you a beautiful poetry by Luis Rosales about the Virgin. How graceful and gentle was the virgin's beauty.

Romance of birth. Saint John of the Cross wrote this beautiful poem about the Birth of Christ in the 16th century. A poem about the Virgin and her son perfect to recite at Christmas parties to children. Romance of birth.

Child in starlight. Child in Starlight, is a Christmas poem written by Elmer Diktonius. It tells us the moment of the birth of Jesus and how the stars come to see the awaited moment. A beautiful poem with a great feeling that children will surely like if you recite it at Christmas.

The magic of Christmas. We invite you to read this beautiful poem about the Birth of Jesus for children and a Nativity scene that seems to come to life: The magic of Christmas. Christmas poems convey the spirit and magic of Christmas to children.

Three donkeys go to Bethlehem. We invite you to read this original and fun children's poem about the Magi: Three donkeys go to Bethlehem. A Christmas poem for the children to learn and recite in front of the whole family at Christmas Eve dinner.

Many parents doubt how introduce poetry into your children's day to day, as well as in what way to arouse their interest in verses and rhymes. The writer Marisa Alonso tells us that:

The writer Marisa Alonso He also tells us 8 benefits of reciting poems with our children. Why it is so important that we introduce poetry to your education.

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