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17 short children's songs to fill 2020 with fabulous music

17 short children's songs to fill 2020 with fabulous music

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Music, teacher! Children's songs are an excellent educational resource for children to learn numbers, body parts, etc. in the most fun way. In addition to entertaining, keeping them active, and boosting their self-esteem, music makes children (and their parents!) Happy. Therefore, we have made a compilation of short children's songs to have a great time in 2020.

To sing! To dance! And do you know who brings us all these songs? The Rag Bear! The mascot of our site!

We start this list of short songs for 2020 with some melodies and didactic letters with which the little ones can learn the routines of the day to day, the numbers, the letters ...

1. Good morning!
There is no better way to start the day than with a fun song with which we say 'good morning' to everyone. This short song is ideal for waking up your children with a smile, but it can also be used in the classroom to start the day. We cannot forget that music creates a relaxed and joyful atmosphere in class.

Different studies have already explained the importance of music in the classroom. Besides being a great way to start the day with happiness, melodies have many more benefits for children: they keep them active, reinforce their self-esteem ... In addition, the study published in the Salesian Polytechnic University of Cuenca, 'Las rimas, tongue twisters and songs as methodological strategies to stimulate language development in 3- and 4-year-old boys and girls', by researchers María Isabel Bueno Loja and Magali Alexandra Sanmartín Morocho, explains that songs help children learn vocabulary and develop their language in these years that are vital in early childhood education.

2. Pin Pon
This is a sweet song with which different generations have learned the daily routine: washing their face, detangling their hair, eating carefully ... The protagonist of this song has already become a well-known character, almost a friend, to thousands of children from all over the world. Do you sing with your children the song of the cardboard doll Pin Pon?

3. The song of numbers
It sure sounds familiar! One is a soldier doing training, two is a duckling sunbathing ... Learning the numbers is much more fun with this song of a lifetime. While you sing it, you can paint each of the numbers and the drawings with which they correspond: the soldier, the duck, the snake, the chair, the rabbit ... If you look closely, they are all figures that have a similar shape to the number to which they refer.

4. I see, I see
Surely if we say to you: 'I see, I see', you know that you have to answer: 'What do you see'. Among all the popular songs this is one of the best known. So much so, that it has gone from being a song to an entertainment, a game for moments of boredom such as waiting rooms or roads by car. It is an ideal song to encourage children's creativity but also their observation.

There are other songs that simply serve to accompany games or to entertain children when they are bored. The ones that we offer below are little melodies that children sing to have fun. They are the most fun!

5. Let it rain
They say that when someone sings very badly, it ends up raining. But the idea of ​​this song is the opposite: sing it once it is already raining. 'Let it rain, let it rain, the Virgin of the cave, the birds sing, the clouds rise ...'. It would be great to have a shower of sugar and nougat, right? Delicious!

6. Ducklings
Among the children's favorite short songs for 2020 is that of the ducklings. 'All the ducklings went swimming. And the youngest wanted to stay… '. For even more fun with this song, in addition to dancing and singing to it, you can encourage your children to draw the cute ducklings swimming in the lake.

7. As the boat passes
The songs are sometimes sung, sometimes they are danced and on the funniest occasions they accompany different games. An example of this is the nursery rhymes of clapping or this one 'When the boat passes', which is often used to jump rope.

8. Mambrú
This song has been singing in the playgrounds for many decades, so there are parents who do not want to let it disappear. 'Mambrú went to war, what pain, what pain, what a shame. Mambrú went to war, I don't know when he will come. ' This type of song, which has slightly more complicated lyrics, is an excellent resource for children to practice memory.

As we know that children love animals, below we have made a small selection with children's songs that are carried out by sheep, cows, elephants or cats. When children try to learn the lyrics of the songs, they are improving their vocabulary but, at the same time, they are working on their memory. And fantasy!

9. An elephant
Sometimes short children's songs present realities that are not compatible with common sense. But what difference does that make? In the world of children's music, elephants can swing on cobwebs, one to ten thousand. Sing this melody with your children. Up to what number will you be able to reach?

10. I have, I have, I have
You have nothing ... A song starring three sweet sheep who live in a cabin. Interestingly, one gives milk, another wool, and another helps to stay the whole week. Who wouldn't want to have these three sheep! Therefore, we encourage you to sing this fun song to your little ones.

11. Mr. Don Gato
This is the most noble cat of all children's songs, so he has received a letter in case he wants to marry the niece of a brown cat, neither more nor less. Enjoy with your children this song of all time. You will surely enjoy it like never before.

12. The dairy cow
This traditional song is friendly, simple and brings children closer to the countryside, a reality that many small urbanites have far away and, therefore, they are unaware of. This funny letter talks about a cow that gives milk, but this is condensed and meringue. Without a doubt, the saltiest cow of all nursery rhymes.

Music has the power to relax children. Therefore, it can be an ideal resource to accompany the last moments of the day, when babies need to slow down to get ready for sleep. That's why we've compiled some lullabies and lullabies below for babies to keep listening to in 2020.

There are parents who prefer to sing them themselves (if this is your case, we recommend that you read the lyrics of each of the songs before starting to do it), while others prefer to press play and let the children listen to them. If you are from this second case, we recommend that you put the volume soft so as not to prevent them from relaxing.

13. Estrellita, where are you?
This sweet melody has reached the whole world, although the lyrics change slightly depending on who sings it (there are even those who sing it as 'campanita' instead of 'Estrella'). Sing this song to your child to help him relax, in a calm and soft voice. An infallible remedy to make you fall asleep instantly!

14. My child scared
The most tender lullaby, with which all children end up asleep, is 'Arrorró mi niño'. Our version is brought to you by Rag Bear, the mascot of our site, and it is especially soft and sweet for children to calm down before sleeping. Shhh ... to sleep!

15. Sleepy pigs
The three cute little pigs protagonists of this song can also accompany your baby until he falls asleep. As you well know, it tells the story of three little pig brothers who dream while they sleep: one of them who is in the sea, another who is a king and the last one helps his mother. Children love this song.

16. Hush little baby
'Sleep little, don't be afraid. Mom is going to find you a nightingale. If her singing doesn't sound pleasant to you, Mom will buy you a rattle. ' So begins this lullaby for babies that, if you have not listened to with your children yet, we recommend that you sing it tonight before going to bed. Good night!

17. Frère Jacques
And in this selection of the best lullabies you could not miss 'Frère Jacques', a famous French song that is often translated as 'Martinillo' or 'Fray Santiago'. It is a very tender and very simple melody with which all children will end up sleeping peacefully. Unlike other songs, the Rag Bear version is quieter, so it's great for bedtime.

Which of all these short songs is the one that you cannot miss in 2020 in your house? Have a great time singing and dancing!

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