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13 bad habits that parents have that harm children

13 bad habits that parents have that harm children

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Do you know what a custom or habit is? According to the dictionary, it is defined as an action that, after doing it so much, has become part of our routine. There are some that are excellent, such as kissing goodnight, and others that are not so excellent, such as looking at your cell phone instead of talking to your children. Do we make a list of the bad habits that parents have today? These bad habits end up harming children, so we propose the challenge of overcoming them so that they are no longer part of our daily lives. Let's go there!

My oldest son has a bad habit of biting his nails. He does it when he is nervous about something and also when he is quietly sitting on the sofa watching his favorite drawings, that is, has caught that habit and it seems that he will never let go of it no matter how much I tell him, from time to time and with a lot of affection, not to do it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because the other day I saw him biting his nails and I remembered that when I was little, he did it too! Now I have stopped. It was then that I began to think about all the bad habits that parents have today and that we do almost automatically. What if we try to stop doing these things? If I could stop biting my nails, I'm sure I can do this too. You sign up?

1. Talk about children as if they were not in front
How many times do you talk about your children as if they were not in front of you? Your children listen to you, even if they pretend to watch TV, so whatever you are going to say, better include them in the conversation, don't you think?

2. Look at the mobile instead of looking at them
According to data from a recent study, 1 in 3 people look at their mobile more than 100 times a day, or what is the same, we look at it on average 1 time every 10 minutes without counting the hours we sleep, the but of everything is that half the time we watch it without actually looking at anything. What if we change that time to be next to our children? Worth!

3. Being absent parents
And this other point is derived from the above, there are more and more fathers and mothers (most of the time for work reasons) who spend most of the day away from home without seeing their children. We know that it is a complicated habit to change but that is not because we have not tried.

4. Say bad words
We all know it, it's not right to say tacos or other ugly words, I also do it sometimes without meaning to, especially when I'm tired. This will be our new challenge or habit to overcome. We can complement it with learning a new word every day, what do you think?

5. Do not give them a hug when they ask us without words
Children sometimes say in words that they want a hug or a kiss and other times they do it with gestures and attitudes such as tantrums and anger. Be careful not to be aware of these signs, it can become the worst of all habits.

6. Don't play with them every day for at least a little while
You come home tired from work, you have to make dinner, lunch the next day, help them with their homework ... Where is the time to play with the children? Find even 10 minutes at the end of the day to dedicate exclusively to playing with your children, for them it is super necessary.

7. Rush everywhere
The other day I was walking down the street with my son when he suddenly asked me: 'Mom, why are you walking so fast?' Well, it was a question that gave me a lot to think about. In truth, that day I was in no rush, but the current pace of life is such that I no longer slow down. How much we have to learn from children!

8. Promising something and not keeping it
No matter how young children are, they already know when you say something to them and then you let it fall into oblivion. Eliminate this bad habit completely, your confidence is at stake!

9. Not talking to children about our emotions and feelings
All parents like children to talk about how they feel at any time, but they happen to learn by imitation, so I don't think they will tell us if they are angry or happy if we don't do the same, right?

10. Not tell them what we have done in our day
Talk about emotions and feelings of course yes, but you also have to talk about what we have done in our day. Only then will we allow them to tell us how they have done at school.

11. Let them watch television for a long time
What if we change it to read a book or draw a picture? It is fine to watch television for a little while at the end of the day or on the weekend, but we cannot make the mistake of thinking that TV or the tablet are the perfect hobby.

12. Smoking in front of them
In my family we have the luck or the good habit of not smoking, however, I know many moms and dads who smoke in front of their children, even when they are babies. A habit that is rather a lifestyle to change.

13. Eating unhealthy foods
Just as damaging as the previous point is this one. We know it and still we do not follow it to the letter: sweets, poorly processed food and other foods like that that are not healthy at all, are to take the less the better.

And how can I change all these bad habits that do not benefit me or my children? You will ask yourself. The thing is not as complicated as you think, it is enough to write down on a paper all the bad habits that we have just seen and put next to it with a green pen What new habit are we going to replace them with?. We can get it!

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