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Holy Jesus Day, December 25. Names for boys

Holy Jesus Day, December 25. Names for boys

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If you like traditional names for boys, there is one especially significant. What do you think of Jesus? Jesus is a name of Aramaic origin that means 'the savior' and that has an enormous weight in tradition. The centuries have not tarnished the strength of this name at all and it is not subject to fashions, so it is always a good time to name your baby Jesus.

Doubts arise as to the name day of this name for a boy. Many people celebrate it precisely on the day of their birth, December 25, Christmas Day. But many others do it on January 3, which is the Day of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. In addition, throughout the year there are many dates to celebrate the saint of your baby.

Jesus is a very versatile name, so much so that despite being a name for a boy, it can also be worn by girls. How many girls do you know by the name of María Jesús? The combinations offered by this name are almost endless. Miguel, Andrés, Alejandro, Francisco, Adrián or Manuel are just some of the options, but you can always use your personal and family tastes.

And speaking of Manuel. It seems that it is the same name as Jesus or, at least, they refer to the same person. Both names appear equally in the Holy Scriptures with only a few lines of difference, but the meaning changes. Manuel means 'God is with us' and can be either Manuel or Emmanuel. Which one do you like the most?

But let's continue with Jesus, because we are facing a traditional, popular, strong name that provides an extra personality. Since it was given to the son of God, many are the people who have used that name for their children. More than 2,000 years in use and it has not lost its strength! There must be a reason. And surely you will find a few popular characters from yesterday and today, as well as historical figures that will make you choose Jesus as the perfect name for your baby.

And what will your son be called when he goes abroad? We especially like the English variant of Jesse, but it is also very common to hear the Hebrew Josua or Josué. For its part, it does not admit too many diminutives beyond the classic Chus that coincides with the Basque Txus.

If the name of Jesus is characterized by something, it is because of its relationship with Christmas. It is true that its religious character has been reduced over time and that not all families choose this name for their baby because it is the same as that of the child of God. But at no time can it be separated from the date of birth of the most important Jesus in history.

Without going into historical rigors, we pay attention to tradition and mark December 25 as the most special day of the year in red. They tell us that a baby was born in the portal of Bethlehem on that date, that his name was Jesus and that in addition to being the son of the Virgin Mary, he was the son of God.

The news of the birth of Jesus spread throughout the known world and the three Wise Men arrived from the Far East to offer him their gifts. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar arrived a few days later in Bethlehem, coming from far away on their camels. And it was the night of January 5 when they approached the stable where the baby Jesus was.

Since then, the whole world (or almost) has succumbed to the illusion of Christmas, of putting the Nativity Scene in their homes, of celebrating the best party of the year on the 25th and of impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Three Kings. And the tree? The Christmas tree is another story, but surely the baby Jesus does not mind that we add traditions to celebrate his birth.

Knowing how your child will grow up is one of the things that most intrigues and, on the other hand, worries fathers and mothers. It is true that the personality is gradually forging and that environmental factors such as the school or family environment influence it. But even so, to know the character of your little one, we can resort to numerology.

Each letter is a number J (1), E (5), S (1), U (3) and S (1) and, if you add everything until only one digit remains, you will have as a result 2. Do you want to know what does it say about your little offspring?

The good
The number 2 symbolizes the duo and the couple and this means that people who are governed by this digit do not usually have problems sharing their things with friends. How lucky you are! They are very generous, and sometimes this circumstance causes others to take advantage of them.

The bad
They are very familiar, so much so that they are very dependent on their parents. You will have to 'force' them to be a little more detached with you and to integrate more with the rest of the children. Otherwise, it can lead to isolation problems and low self-esteem.

As we have told you above, the name of Jesus accepts a lot of combinations, so if you like compound names and one of your requirements is that Jesus be one of them, take note of the best options for this name!

  • Jesus Adrian
    It is a name for a boy of Latin origin. Adrianus or Hadrianus would be some of the words from which it is believed that this name comes from which we already find a presence in the Roman Empire, such as the Emperor Hadrian and, later, Pope Hadrian VI.
  • Jesus Gabriel
    Gabriel is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'the strength of God', a name of great musicality that can be perfect for your child. It is a name that remains very much alive thanks to the religious tradition, since he was an important character in Christianity (his role in the Annunciation stands out) and in Islam he was the one who revealed the Koran to Muhammad.
  • Jesus Alberto
    'The one that stands out for its nobility' is the meaning of this name of Germanic origin that, on many occasions, appears combined with other names, such as Jesus, but also Jose or Juan.
  • Jesus michael
    A name that is gaining in popularity over the years because it is very forceful, but at the same time of a medium extension. Miguel means 'nobody like God' and is a name of Hebrew origin.
  • Jesus Alejandro
    Year after year, Alejandro ranks among the most popular names for boys, overtaking Hugo, Leo or David. Alejandro is a masculine name of Greek origin and means 'one who protects or forcefully separates man'.

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