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Nativity Day, December 25. Names for girls

Nativity Day, December 25. Names for girls

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Nativity It is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'birth', and it is a very frequent name in girls who are born during Christmas. They are generally known as Nati, and there are experts who consider this name as a variant ofNoelia or Natalia. Celebrate your name day on December 25, what is when it is commemorated the Nativity or the birth of Jesus.

December 25 is the most anticipated day of the year for many people. It's Christmas! We meet with the family to eat, we open the gifts that Santa Claus brought us with the night, we read stories as a family ... And, in addition, the saint of Nativity is celebrated.

However, at this point it is necessary to make a small appreciation about this name. It is true that the name Natividad presents a great similarity to Christmas, but they are not the same. The name Natividad is often related to the birth of Jesus, celebrated on the night of December 24-25. However, it also refers to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on September 8 and the Nativity or birth of Saint John the Baptist, which is on June 24, although these dates are not so well known.

As you may have already noticed, Natividad is a very special name. It is not very common, since it stopped being used on a daily basis a few decades ago. However, given its meaning and all that this name carries, it can still be heard in delivery rooms, especially in countries like Spain, Argentina or Mexico.

However, it is a name that does not have many variations, beyond what we have already told you about Natalia and Noelia. For this reason, it is not a name that is usually heard a lot in other countries. It is its diminutive Nati the most used, even going so far as to unseat the name itself. Without a doubt, your daughter will gladly wear a name that preserves tradition without losing its originality.

In addition, as a curiosity we tell you that due to its great importance within the Christian religion, the Nativity became a very frequent theme among painters and sculptors of different times. There were many who did beautiful works of art from the birth of baby Jesus. Some of these paintings are as well known as 'The Nativity' by Piero Della Francesca which can be seen in the National Gallery in London.

On the other hand, we cannot stop talking about the Basilica of Christmas, located in Bethlehem, which is one of the oldest and most revered temples in Christendom. And it is built on the area where the baby Jesus was born.

Have you ever calculated the number that corresponds to you according to numerology? It all depends on the value of each of the letters that bears your name. In the case of Natividad's name, this number is 3. Why? You just have to add the value of each of the letters. Thus, N (5), A (1), T (2), I (9), V (4), I (9), D (4), A (1), D (4), at the adding all the numbers we have 39. Once again, we add the figures until we have only one digit left (3 + 9 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3). And in this way, we got to 3.

According to numerology, babies that correspond to the number 3 usually have great social skill: they are good at getting along with people, they have a gift for communication and know how to guide others to achieve what they set out to do. However, they must be taught to be generous so that they do not manipulate those around them.

On the other hand, these children of number 3 are often considered to be very affectionate and, therefore, they consider love as the engine of their lives. For this reason, when Natividad does not feel loved, one of the most important legs of her day to day fails, which makes her feel terribly bad.

December 25 is Christmas Day and if you are looking for a name for your baby that is related to this beautiful time of the year, take a look at the list that we propose below.

- star
One of the symbols most used at Christmas is the stars. And it is that, according to tradition, it was a star that guided the Magi to the portal where the child Jesus was born. Another name you can choose in relation to this concept is that of Esther or Esther which is of Sumerian origin and also means 'star'.

- Maria
Maria is one of the most common names for girls. It has been used for centuries and its use among parents continues to be just as popular. Maria is a Hebrew name that means 'the chosen one' or 'the beloved'. A beautiful name that you can use as a simple name or accompanying another to form a beautiful compound name.

- Belen
Even though this name has a lot of tradition, it still sounds fresh and original. Bethlehem comes from 'betlehem' which means 'the place where bread is made'. It is considered that December 25 is also the day of the name day of this name.

- Natalie
Natalia is a Latin name that comes from 'natalis', therefore, it is a name also related to birth. Being quite long, with nothing more and nothing less than 7 letters, many parents prefer to use the diminutive that is Nata or Nati. It conveys great sweetness, right?

- Kings
Finally, we propose you as a name for a girl Reyes, a nickname full of elegance and bearing that many parents choose for the beautiful way it sounds. It is a name of Spanish origin that refers to the Three Kings.

Every December 25 you cannot forget to make two very special greetings: for Christmas and for the Nativity saints. Happy Holidays!

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