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Saint Sebastian's Day, January 20. Boy names

Saint Sebastian's Day, January 20. Boy names

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Sebastián is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'the one who is respected', a name loaded with great dignity that makes it perfect for your child. Used all over the world, Sebastián maintains all the force of tradition without losing any of its originality, being still very topical today. In any case, Sebastián evokes grandeur and elegance. Celebrate your name day January 20, which is the day of San Sebastián.

The name Sebastián implies a curious and restless personality, always ready to find new fields of interest in which, without a doubt, Sebastián will excel. And it is that Sebastián is an energetic and dynamic person, with a great capacity for effort and an iron will. Stubborn and persevering, he stands as the family talisman for his great charisma.

Sebastián hardly presents any variations in other languages, except Sebastien in French. The use of its diminutives such as Bastián, Sebas or Bastiano is also very frequent.. It is a name of height taking into account that the Greek word from which it comes, 'sebastiás', would be translated by Latin culture as 'Augusto'.

We know many world-famous characters who bear the name of your son Sebastián, apart from the mythical saint San Sebastián, one of the most represented saints of the Catholic Church. Figures such as Botticelli, El Greco, Rafael or Mattia Petri dedicated some of their works to him.

- Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the greatest composers of all time.

- Although the one who made the name world famous was the explorer Juan Sebastián Elcano.

- More recently, we find two athletes who are related to motorsports, Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Loeb.

- The popular and friendly crab from the Disney movie, 'The Little Mermaid'.

Given the popularity of your child's name, there are many places called San Sebastián, in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Costa Rica. However, the place that gives the most prestige and height to the name Sebastián, is the most aristocratic city in northern Spain, San Sebastián, a must-see to admire its beauty and enjoy its gastronomy.

Probably one of the reasons that led you to choose the name Sebastian is its Greek origin. If you like names from this region of the world, take a look at the following list because if at the last minute you decide to change, instead of a boy it turns out that you will have a girl or you are expecting twins or twins.

  • Angelo. It is a variant of one of the names preferred by today's parents, Angel, and means 'messenger of God'. It also has a female version, also very fashionable, Angela.
  • Callisto. 'Beautiful' is the powerful meaning of this unique name in the world. There was a Pope named like that and a fighter and leader of the Independence of Mexico.
  • Damien. It is a very common name in Spain and France and it means 'tamer', and they are people who like to have everything under control and hate the unexpected.
  • Elian. Originally it was said that it was a boy's name, but with the passage of time more girls are proud of this nickname. It comes from another Greek name, Helio, and refers to the Sun.

Knowing the personality of a baby without even having seen his face can be incredible, but according to the name that the parents have chosen for him some personality traits can be intuited, and all this thanks to numerology, the science that studies the relationship between numbers, letters, and divine forces.

All the letters hide behind a number. In this way, if you add up all the digits that the consonants and vowels of Sebastián's name will give you a final number: 9. What are the positive and negative features of this figure?

Positive traits
From the first moment you have your little one in your arms, you will feel that he is special! They are very intelligent children and, above all, well ahead of their time and age. It is very likely that before the year they will take their first steps and speak their first words (remember that they always say dad before mom because it is easier for them). These characteristics will allow them to have a great influence around you. You will never see them alone!

Negative traits
Aware of their magnetism and their power of attraction, they can sometimes be shown as very arrogant and haughty characters. Mom and Dad, it's your turn to get serious in those moments! On the other hand, they can also be quite selfish and will have a hard time sharing.

The Spanish short story writer, Marisa Alonso Santamaría, was inspired by the name of Sebastián to create a story that tells children how they should use the dictionary and why, and it is a tool that parents have used a lot in our school time but increasingly, due to new technologies, is in disuse.

And do not think that the name of the protagonist of this story was chosen at random, because the writer in her story refers to Sebastián Covarrubias, a person who lived in the 16th century and to whom the first dictionary of Spanish is attributed. And this is how he tells us the life of a wise old man who collected words and who put them all together in a book so that everyone would know them.

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