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Santa Martina Day, January 30. Names for girls

Santa Martina Day, January 30. Names for girls

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Martina is a name for girls of Latin origin that means 'warrior', since it is a name related to the Roman god of war Mars, in the same vein as the boy names Marcos, Martín or Marcelo. It is an ideal name for your baby girl who is about to be born. Did you know that he celebrates his birthday January 30, day of Santa Martina?

Every January 30 is a very special day in the home of all those families that have a beautiful girl named Martina. And it is that, as we have already anticipated, this is the day that the saints dedicate to Santa Martina of Rome.

Not much is known about this saint, in fact there are some experts who say that she did not even come into existence or that her work was magnified more than it really was. In any case, it is considered that she was a woman born in Rome into a good family. It is said that was martyred after openly acknowledging that she was a Christian. When his executors observed that after being thrown into a den full of lions, he survived, they decided to cut off his head. His name day is celebrated on January 30 since Pope Urban VIII decreed it.

In many families, Martina's special day is celebrated on January 30 in honor of Saint Martina of Rome. However, in other houses they choose to celebrate on November 3 by San Martín de Porres or on November 11 by San Martín de Tours.

We are going to know some of the most beautiful curiosities about the name of Martina.

1. Variants in other languages
Your daughter's name remains almost unchanged in different languages ​​and it is surprising because in recent years it has become one of the most frequent names for girls in the world. And it is that after having been a few decades in oblivion, Martina sounds like beauty, sophistication, elegance, delicacy and above all, a cosmopolitan spirit.

2. Famous who are called like that
There are many famous and admired women that we know by the name of your daughter. Martina Klein is an Argentine Hispanic model well known for her television appearances as a host and comedian. She represents like no one else the essence of Martina as a modern and sophisticated woman who does not renounce family happiness.

The world of sports, more specifically tennis, also has two important figures named Martina. Martina Hingins and Martina Navratilova reflected the strength and determination that will also accompany your daughter. Although Martina is also a beautiful town in the Italian region of Apulia, which you cannot miss.

3. The masculine and diminutive version of Martina
The same, or even more frequent, than Martina is Martín, a male variant of this name. This is a name of Latin origin that, like Martina, is a name related to the god Mars. That is why, to a certain extent, this name is linked to war and courage.

As for the diminutives of Martina, there is no single option that all the girls of this name use on a recurring basis. However, it is possible that on some occasion you have heard these little girls call Marti or Tina.

4. Places in the world related to Martina
Have you ever been to the Croatian town of Martina? They say its beaches are spectacular! On the other hand, if we look for this name on the map we will also find the town called La Martina in Ponferrada (León, Spain).

These two are almost mandatory places to visit if you are thinking of calling your daughter by this name!

The name Martina implies a strong and energetic character without losing any sweetness and sensitivity. Martina is a lover of beauty, happiness and joviality, and although she likes tranquility, she bravely faces any problematic situation. Due to her charismatic personality, Martina exerts a great influence on her group of friends, being a respected, admired and very loved person.

But what does the numerology of this name say? If we take into account the position that each letter has in the alphabet and add the values ​​we have the following distribution: M (4), A (1), R (9), T (2), I (9), N (5 ), A (1); 4 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 9 + 5 + 1 = 31; 3 + 1 = 4.

The girls who, like Martina, have a number 4 related to their name, are girls who get involved and make an effort in all those projects that make them excited. They love to satisfy their curiosity and learn new things every day. Their great creativity makes them always have new ideas to explore the world around them.

Looking for compound names for your girl? If you like Martina and you don't know what name to combine it with, take into account the following suggestions that we make.

  • Martina Susana. Susana is a beautiful name of Hebrew origin, which means 'white flower'.
  • Noa martina. Noa is a nice unisex name that comes from Hebrew and means 'delight'.
  • Martina luisa. Luisa brings tradition to this compound name. It is a German name that means 'warrior'.
  • Clara Martina. Clara is a simple but very elegant name. It is Latin and means 'illustrious'.

The name Martina is so loved by parents around the world for the elegance and sweetness it conveys. Like this name, you might also like all of the ones on the list that we propose below.

  • Maria. María is a very traditional name, but it is still used very frequently in many regions of the world, within the variants that this name offers. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'the chosen one'.
  • Martha. Among the most common girl names that begin with the letter M, we come across Marta. This comes from Aramaic and means 'lady'.
  • Monica. If you are looking for a name that exudes strength and commitment, Monica can be a very beautiful option. It comes from the Greek and means 'lonely'.
  • Balm. Melisa is a name also of Greek origin that means 'bee' or 'honey'. What a sweet name!

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