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Pinocchio. Stories for children

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Behind every children's story or story, there is always a message, a reflection and an advice for children. He Pinocchio children's story, a wooden doll who dreamed of being a real boy, teaches us values ​​such as respect, it is effort, responsibility and the friendship.

Pinocchio will learn to obey, to be responsible, not to trust strangers, and to give value to school. And above all, it teaches us the value of truth. Lies have very, very short legs.

In an old carpentry shop, Geppetto, a kind and friendly gentleman, would finish another day's work by giving the last touches of paint to a wooden doll he had built.

Looking at it, he thought: how beautiful it is! And since the doll had been made of pine wood, Geppetto decided to name it Pinocchio. That night Geppeto went to sleep wishing his doll was a real boy.

She had always wanted to have a child. And when he found himself sound asleep, a good fairy arrived and seeing Pinocchio as beautiful, he wanted to reward the good carpenter, giving life to the doll with his magic wand.

The next day, when he woke up, Geppetto couldn't believe his eyes: Pinocchio moved, walked, laughed and talked like a real child, to the joy of the old carpenter.

Happy and very satisfied, Geppeto sent Pinocchio to school. I wanted him to be a very clever boy and to learn many things. Accompanied him his friend Jiminy Cricket, the advisor the good fairy had given him.

But, on the way to school, Pinocchio made friends with two very bad children, following their antics, and ignoring the advice of the cricket. Instead of going to school, Pinocchio decided to follow his new friends, looking for not very good adventures.

Seeing this situation, the good fairy enchanted him. For not going to school, he placed two donkey ears, and for misbehaving, he told him that every time he told a lie, his nose would grow, also turning red.

Pinocchio ended up recognizing that he was not being good, and sorry he decided to look for Geppetto. He knew then that Geppeto, when searching for him by sea, had been swallowed by a huge whale. Pinocchio, with the help of the cricket, went to sea to rescue the poor old man.

When Pinocchio was in front of the whale, he asked him to give back his father, but the whale opened its huge mouth and swallowed him too. Inside the belly of the whale, Geppetto and Pinocchio were reunited. And they were thinking how to get out of there.

And thanks to Pepito Grillo they found a way out. They made a fire. The fire made the huge whale sneeze, and the raft flew off with its three crew members.

All were saved. Pinocchio returned home and to school, and from that day on he always behaved well. And as a reward for his kindness, the good fairy turned him into a flesh and blood child, and they were very happy for many, many years.

And now comes the moment of truth: find out if your child understood the message of the classic tale of Pinocchio. To do so, we suggest that you establish a small discussion or debate with them that can consist of two parts. On the one hand, questions focused on the argument itself and, on the other, (for the elderly), questions about the message that this story wants to convey to us.

1. Why was the main character in the story called Pinocchio?

2. What was Geppetto's greatest wish?

3. Who was Jiminy Cricket?

4. Did Pinocchio obey his father?

5. What spell did the fairy make with him?

6. What is the lie?

7. What are the consequences of telling a lot of lies?

8. What have you learned from this story?

Pinocchio's world does not end just when you read this story. Since We propose a lot of activities and educational proposals that you can do as a family to have a fun time with your children.

- Make a puppet
Do you have an empty toilet paper roll, colored cardboard, thread, a ball of cork and glue at home? Then you already have all the necessary materials to create a nice puppet inspired by the story of Pinocchio.

- See the Disney classic
Prepare the popcorn because ... today it's Disney's session! So that the magic of Pinocchio is still present at home, we suggest that after telling the story to your child, you organize an afternoon at the movies to see the Disney classic. Surely you will find more points with which to work at home values!

- Phrase list
'Everything can be', 'Let your conscience be your guide' or 'The world is full of temptations' are some of the powerful phrases that can be extracted from reading the story of Pinocchio or from viewing its film version. We invite you to have a pen and paper at hand the next time you are in front of the book or television and make a list of the most important phrases. You can then put them on a magnet on the fridge or have the child write them on their desk or blackboard.

- To act in a play
For families with a future actor or actress in their home, we suggest improvising a play based on this precious tale. The first thing is to distribute the roles (who will be Pinocchio, who Gepetto, who Pepito Cricket and other characters), find some decoration (for the sea, for example, you can use a sheet) and learn the script. Invite some family members and / or neighbors and ... let the show begin!

- Sing a song
And for those who want to give the note, nothing better than to teach them some of the most popular songs about this nice boy so that they can memorize it and sing it in front of all of you. Its rhyme is very easy and its content is very funny!

The tale of Pinocchio, Originally written by Italian writer and journalist Carlo Collodi, allows children to learn that lying is useless and that the only thing it can bring us is a succession of problems. It is a teaching that will make them reflect and, above all, that they think very well before lying at home or at school.

If you notice that the moral of this story has penetrated your child and made him think, perhaps it is a good time to introduce more stories or poetry that allow you talk with him about other principles and values ​​necessary to become an excellent person, such as obedience, the ability to make mistakes and recognize it or the importance of living in peace with oneself and with others.

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