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Days of Saint Adrián, January 9 and March 5. Boy names

Days of Saint Adrián, January 9 and March 5. Boy names

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Adrián is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the one who comes from the sea', directly related to the ancient Roman Hadria family, close to the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most frequent names for boys today, because although its origin dates back to ancient Rome, the name has an air of modernity and to some extent, sophistication. Celebrate your name day on January 9, which is the day of Saint Adrian of Canterbury and on March 5, the day of Saint Adrian or Hadrian, martyr.

Write in your agenda: January 9 It is one of the most special days for all children named Adrián. Congratulations to all! The saints have reserved this day for the one who was the superior of the Abbey of Saint Augustine in Canterbury (England). Saint Adrian or Hadrian of Canterbury was a Berber from North Africa, born in 635 AD, who came to the British Isles from Naples, where he was abbot of a monastery.

After proving his worth, the pope of the time wanted to appoint him Archbishop of Canterbury. However, Saint Adrián did not look yet ready to occupy such a high position, so he humbly recommended his partner Theodore of Tarsus. Finally, he was appointed to the position, although San Adrián accompanied him to the English city as his trusted man.

Santo Adrián has gone down in history for his great knowledge of theology and the extraordinary way in which he administered the abbey he directed. He died in the city of Canterbury in 710.

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Did you know that January 9 is not the only day that the holy book dedicates to celebrate the name of Adrián? Not much less! March 5 It is also an important day for all families who have a little one of this name. This is the date that is celebrated in honor of San Adrián or San Adriano de Caesarea.

To know who this sanctified man was, we have to go back many years. St. Hadrian was a martyr who suffered persecution for professing and admitting that he was a Christian. This man traveled to the city of Caesarea, together with a colleague named Eubulus, to visit other Christians who lived there.

Right at that moment, the terrible persecution of the Emperor Diocletian was taking place, who sought to destroy all those who practiced Christianity. Knowing the reason for San Adrián's visit, the city guards seized him and took him before the governor. He decreed that he should be subjected to torture and then killed. San Adrián perished when he was thrown before a lion and was later slaughtered.

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Next we are going to know some of the information of interest about the names for children Adrián or Adriano.

1. Other dates of saints
Although January 9 and March 5 are the dates most celebrated by all children named Adrián, there are also other days that honor other saints of the same name. For example, September 8 is the day of San Adrián de Nicomedia. This was a martyr, along with his wife Natalia, murdered for being a Christian. July 8 is the day of Hadrian III, a pope who had a very short pontificate. September 17 is the day of Saint Adriana of Friesland, also a woman martyr for Christianity.

2. Variants of the name Adrián
The name Adrián is one of the favorite names of parents today, who prefer it to its older variant, Adriano. However, his feminine Adriana remains a topical name for any girl. Adrián hardly presents variations in the different languages. In English only the accent changes and in French it becomes Adrien.

3. Famous people with this name
The name Adrián is also well known to us in its Catalan form by the prestigious chef Ferrán Adriá, who is recognized internationally. Although the current character that has given the most fame to your son's name is the American actor Adrian Brody, who won an Oscar for best actor for his role in 'El Pianista' and played the mythical bullfighter Manolete like no one else.

The name of Adrián is maintained, in part, thanks to the influence of San Adrián, since there are many places within the Spanish geography that bear this name. However, the character who has strongly maintained the name of your son throughout history has been Roman Emperor Hadrian, without forgetting the impressive places that the Adriatic Sea gives us.

Did you know that the number that corresponds to Adrián is 2? To get to this number we have to review numerology, which gives a value to each of the letters of the name. In Adrián's case, we have the following distribution: A (1), D (4), R (9), I (9), A (1), N (5). Adding these figures gives us the number 29, and if we add 2 + 9 (11) and 1 + 1 (2) again, we get that Adrian's number is 2.

If we follow the dictates of numerology, children who have the number 2 they tend to be very generous. They share everything they have, especially if they think someone needs it more than they do. In addition, they are always willing to reach out to those who need help.

Adrián is a name that implies a sensitive and very special personality. A certain air of grandeur is added to his name, which makes the children named Adrián the perfect leaders of their group. With a strong character, but also very emotional, Adrián is divided between his pragmatism and his idealism. A person who is capable of managing his dreams to make them come true.

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