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The Easter Bunny. Short story with values ​​for children

The Easter Bunny. Short story with values ​​for children

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Do you want to know why the tradition of giving Easter eggs to children on Easter Sunday or when Lent ends? We have prepared a beautiful video of a children's story about one of the possible origins of the Easter Bunny. It is a story that also gives us a moral for children to reflect on an essential value: that of patience. Here you have the Illustrated story of the Easter Bunny to listen to and read with the children.

You only have to press play to enjoy the beautiful story of 'The easter bunny'in narrated and illustrated video format. And also, below, we will tell you in a summarized way what this story full of values ​​that we must teach to children at Easter and at any other time of the year is about. Enjoy the story very much!

Once upon a time, there was a very special family of rabbits and it is that, among its members, each year the Easter rabbit in charge of hiding and giving the funniest eggs to all the children in the world was chosen. To choose the bunny that this year would have that important mission, Daddy and Mommy Rabbit tested their three children bunnies:

- You will have to take one of the eggs from this basket to a garden where children live.

What a challenge! The older brother began, who chose the largest egg in the whole basket. He was going very fast on his way until ... Boom! He was going so fast to get there quickly that he missed one of the stones on the road and fell. The egg had the worst of luck, since crashed to the ground and broke. This disqualified the older brother, who that year would not be the Easter Bunny.

The middle brother had no better luck. Her egg was also broken on her way to the children's garden.

It was the turn of the youngest rabbit in the family, who took the egg that was left in the basket, the smallest of all. With great care and without haste, he reached the children's house. And the egg was in perfect condition!

He had done it! The smallest rabbit became the Easter Bunny of this year. He was the real Easter Bunny! Has he brought your Easter egg home yet?

Did your child pay enough attention while you were enjoying the Easter Bunny video story? Let's check it out! Here we propose some comprehension questions and others that will help you reflect on the values ​​that this story transmits to children.

1. Questions about the story
We begin with some questions related to the story. Will you be able to answer them all correctly?

  • What test did Daddy and Mommy Rabbit give their children to find out who the Easter Bunny would be?
  • Who was finally the Easter Bunny of that year?
  • What happened to the two older brothers?

2. What values ​​does this story teach?
In addition to telling us who the Easter Bunny is and what it takes care of each year, this story talks about certain values ​​to children, which they can draw from one of the following morals.

- Patience. If the rabbits had been more patient and calmly walked into the kindergartens of all over the world, the chances are that their eggs would not have been broken. Sometimes, it is better to do things 'with a head' and take the necessary time, because this will be the only way that the result of our actions is good.

- Think before act. Sometimes, by rushing and acting instinctively, we go the worst way. When we have something important on our hands, it is best to sit back and reflect before doing something that we might regret.

- The effort. A job well done, when we have dedicated the time it needs and the efforts it requires, always produces more satisfaction.

This cute story helps us explain to the children who the character of the Easter Bunny is and what he does. But what is its origin and why has it become one of the protagonists (with permission of the chocolate eggs) of Easter?

The first thing we must bear in mind that, in many cultures, the rabbit is a symbol of fertility. And it is believed that rabbit families tend to be very numerous. And precisely the Easter festival is celebrated during the spring, when a large part of the animal species are reproducing.

However, there is also a legend that explains that, on the day that Jesus Christ was buried in his tomb, there was a rabbit watching everything. He also witnessed the moment when Jesus was resurrected and wanted to tell everyone the good news. Unable to communicate with humans, he decided to paint an egg to tell about it. This could therefore have been the origin of the Easter Bunny tradition, but also of the eggs decorated for this day (which later would also be made of chocolate).

If your children have enjoyed the story of the Easter Bunny, they will also enjoy a lot with these activities that are also related to this nice character of Easter.

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