Family activities to do at home

Family activities to do at home

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Family activities at home are an ideal plan for bad weather and to enjoy a few days off with your children. Don't miss our proposals for Crafts, coloring pages, games and songs as a family.

With these family leisure ideas you can take advantage of the cold seasons and enjoy a rainy afternoon without leaving home. You can make original crafts or color pictures that will allow your children to develop their artistic abilities. We also offer you stories, jokes and tongue twister to have a fun time with the family.

Themanual activities They are the best pastime for children to develop their imagination and fantasy, while enriching their intellectual capacity. They can make a homemade gift with a very simple and inexpensive manual work.

Children's stories are a good way to instill these values ​​in our children while having a good time with the family. Short stories to read to children with values ​​such as friendship, understanding, tolerance, patience, solidarity and respect, are essential for the healthy development of children.

You can also take advantage of an afternoon at home by telling funny children's jokes that stimulate children's good humor and laughter. They also favor their vocabulary and fun. Jokes bring good, big smiles from your kids.

Another way to strengthen family ties without leaving home and enjoying some time together is by watching funny children's movies with beautiful messages and values.

Many of these plans may require your participationAlthough there are others that children can do alone or with their siblings, but don't worry, we're going to give you a giant list of ideas so that you always have a choice.

As you will see, they are divided into fairly general categoriesSo if your child says he is tired of reading, you can try putting on your cooking hat and apron and prepare a delicious recipe; or if he's sad about something, show him how many new places you will visit in the future.

Learning does not take place and, furthermore, learning does not have to be at odds with fun. It does not consist in becoming teachers - from time to time perhaps yes - nor in entertainers or free time monitors but in having fun as a family and, incidentally, increasing our knowledge. Here are some ideas!

- Write biographies of famous people
Frida Khalo, Albert Einstein or Marie Curie are characters that sooner or later will appear in your children's textbooks and they will have to study them. Although teachers will try to make it playful learning, many times it can become boring for them. Search the internet and create your own biography of the character that arouses the most curiosity.

- Travel Guide
Have you already thought about where you are going to go on summer vacation? Surely everyone wants to go to a different destination. While some prefer a city to visit monuments, others will choose to discover new landscapes and there will also be a voice that suggests a place on the beach. Create a list with 10 things that you can discover about the places you would like to visit in the future and thus make a decision.

- Discovering animal life
Here is a challenge with which we will learn a lot about animal life. What is your favorite animal? Make a list for each member of the family with three living beings and, on a card, write 10 things that you know about them. If you don't know so many ... let's look for it!

- Science experiments
Do you know what happens when after cooking a red cabbage, you take the water it has released and you add lemon or bicarbonate of soda? As if it were a magic trick ... the color of the liquid changes! This is just one of the many science experiments that you can do at home and be as amazed or more as they are.

When you spend time at home, one of the most entertaining and delicious activities you can do is cook all kinds of dishes: appetizers, grandma's recipes, desserts, snacks ... Of course, all very healthy! Are you ready?

- Culinary challenges
You can look for a recipe on the internet, but we are going to propose something more fun. Tell mom and dad to put different ingredients on a tray and, without any guidance, you will have to think about what can come of all that. You dare?

- Snack contest
If you have several children at home, they are going to love this idea. Tell them there is a ... snack contest this afternoon! The one that makes it healthier, in less time and also stains the kitchen less or leaves it all collected, will win.

- Make a cookbook
At home there are some recipes that are passed from generation to generation orally. Now is the time to put them down on paper and record them!

There are times when you don't feel like doing anything, right? Moments in which only the company of our loved ones is enough to be happy.

- Pillow cave
How many beds are there in your house? As many as there are, the number of pillows that you can have will be to create your own corner of peace and relaxation. It will be great!

- Yoga classes
It is an oriental discipline in which the person connects with himself. It allows you to relax and release stress and anxiety. Select soft music, throw the cushions on the floor and put candles because the class begins now.

- The bathtub-bed
What if we take a nap in the bathtub today? You will think that we are crazy, but no. Make sure the bathtub is dry, throw several blankets to soften the surface, collect pillows and cushions and prepare to disconnect from everything.

If you can't stop creating at home, it's time to improvise an art class in your living room or in your children's room. We started!

- Create and recycle
Plastic cups, shoe boxes, egg cups, toilet paper rolls ... Don't throw anything in the trash because great ideas can come from all of this. A cradle for dolls, a paper plane, a castle ... Imagination to power!

- Design your own clothes
Do you like fashion? We are not going to ask you to design the new collection of swimsuits for summer or coats for winter, but we will ask you to review things you have in your closet and that you can customize differently.

Whether your child has a dramatic streak or is the king of laughter at any family gathering, all these ideas are made for him!

- Put music up to date
Within the film genres, musicals are one of those that most attract children and more so after the latest versions of film classics are being made. How about we dedicate today to practicing songs from titles like Aladdin, Coco or High School Musical?

- Scriptwriter for a day
Being an actor or actress is something that many boys and girls dream of, but within the world of cinema there are other professions that your child may not know about, but that if he discovers them they can attract a lot of attention. Talk about the role of screenwriters, filmmakers, or directors.

- Talent contest
Organize your own version of Got Talent at home. And it is that not everyone has to be an interpreter, perhaps at home there is also a juggler or a dancer. Discover your talent!

If you think you still need more home entertainment plans, here we have more! And it is that family fun tastes much better.

Family movies. If you do not know what plans or what activities to do with the children when the weekend arrives, we recommend a good option: watching movies with the family, full of adventure, action and fantasy. We propose some movies so that you can enjoy them with the children.

Coloring Pages. On our site we offer you a series of 10 butterfly drawings so that you can print and your children can paint them with the colors they choose. A great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Jokes for kids. Jokes can be a good tool to awaken laughter and good humor in children. Its benefits are incalculable. Invite your child to laugh by telling you some childish jokes. our site has prepared a selection of jokes for children, on various topics such as children's jokes, teacher jokes, rag, short jokes ...

Fables for children. Fables are a good resource to entertain and educate children at the same time. They are small literary narratives, some in verse, that always carry a good message or a moral. Educate your children in values ​​through these stories with good lessons.

Children's poetry. Children's poetry has been written to be read, understood and meditated upon. Try reading a poem to your child. Poetry can be a way to infuse you with different feelings and emotions. Short poems for children. Enjoy a time of reading poetry with your children so that they can enjoy the children's poems.

Tongue twisters for children. Learn and play Tongue Twister of Ragged Bear with the children. our site offers a selection of tongue twisters, easy and difficult, short and long, to help improve children's diction and pronunciation of words. Educational and fun game at the same time.

Games at home. our site recommends some ideas to play at home with the children, on rainy days or that prevents the family from going outside. They are games that stimulate the imagination and creativity of the smallest of the house.

10 stories for children that talk about love. Compilation of stories for children that help us through love. They are children's fables to read to children and talk about values ​​such as love. With them we can promote reading among children through stories that speak of love. Do not miss these beautiful romantic stories.

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