16 animal dictations for kids to review spelling without getting bored

16 animal dictations for kids to review spelling without getting bored

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Dictation exercises have many advantages for boys and girls: it helps them to write well, to understand grammar rules and to improve memory and concentration, among many other things. But for this to be the case, not very long texts have to be proposed according to their age and which are also entertaining to capture their attention. How about we try some dictations on animals? Children can review spelling without getting bored thanks to thematic dictation exercises.

We will begin this compilation of short thematic dictations for primary school students, with some texts of famous poems about animals. We will continue with a few sentences that talk about animals, in these two cases you can take the opportunity to tell your students something about the authors, and we will end with some dictations of my own, that is, I have written them myself to do with my 6-year-old son years at home and now I share them with you with great pleasure. We started!

Remember to emphasize the words or expressions that are more difficult for them so that they can write them down well. Longer poems can be divided in two and one half saved for another day.

1. To a cat by Jorge Luis Borges

The mirrors are not quieter

my most furtive the adventurous dawn;

you are under the moon, that panther
that we are given to see from afar.

By indecipherable work of a decree

divine, we seek you in vain;
more remote than the Ganges and the west,
yours is the loneliness, yours the secret.
Your back condescends to the defaulter

You have admitted,

from that eternity that is already oblivion,

the love of the suspicious hand.

In another time you are.

You are the owner of a closed environment like a dream.

2. William Blake's Tiger

Tiger, tiger, that you turn on in light

through the woods of the night

What immortal hand, what eye

could devise your terrible symmetry.

In what distant depths,

In what skies did the fire in your eyes burn?

On what wings dare he aspire?

What hand dared to take that fire?

3. Rafael Alberti's dove

he was wrong.

To go North, he went South,

he believed that wheat was water.

He believed the sea was the sky

that night the morning.

That the stars dew,

That your skirt was your blouse,

make your heart your home.

(She fell asleep on the shore,

you at the top of a branch.)

4. Sonnet to the trumpet mosquito by Quevedo

Ministril of hives and bites,

Postillion mosquito, Barber fly,

Done you have the harnero forehead

And slaps his face away.

Trumpet that plays with slaps,

That you come with a fence against my leather,

Cupid flea, Trumpeter bug

That you fly grinding itches,

Why do you tell me if you want to bite me?

So that you give pain to those who sing,

Of Caste and condition of fillies you are.

5. My faithful red horse by Adolfo Burriel

love the distance,

disturb their wings

the beauty of the angel,

blue threads close

the old maze,

fragile winds

their neighs are carried away,

but ride,

like the distance that is forgotten

in the dream of other trips.

6. A Niebla, my dog ​​by Rafael Alberti

"Fog", you do not understand: your ears sing it,

the innocent, silly tobacco of your gaze,

the long glows that you leave behind in the mountains,

when jumping, tender ray of disheveled blade.

Look at those shady, orphaned, reserved dogs,

that suddenly arise from the broken mists,

drag in his shy disoriented steps

all the recent terror of his ruined house.

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You can dictate a phrase each time or put several together in an exercise if they are very short. Once they have finished the dictation, encourage them to ask their questions and correct the exercise with them in front of them. Children love thematic dictations!

7. People who really appreciate animals always ask their names. (Lilian Jackson Braun)

8. Animals are born as they are, they accept it and that's it. They live with greater peace than people. (Gregory Maguire)

9. Animals are not properties or things, but living organisms, subjects of a life, who deserve our compassion, respect, friendship and support. (Marc Bekoff)

10. An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. (Martin Buber)

11. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. (Mahatma Gandhi)

12. Man is the cruelest animal. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

With the first we will review the question marks and exclamation marks. In the second we will see the correct use of the double R. With the third we will study the use of hyphens a little more in detail and the last will serve as an exercise to see how an enumeration is made within a sentence. Ultimately, it's all about reviewing the different spelling lessons that the children have learned in each class.

13. The lion he ran to hide behind the sofa when he saw the cat on the table. Did you know that lions are sometimes afraid of cats? What a crazy think!

14. Once upon a time a dinosaur who really liked to play racing. One day and without notifying his parents, he decided to run as fast as he could, it was so much that he ran that he came to an enchanted forest where dragons and other magical beings lived eager to make new friends. Of course, the parents of this mischievous dinosaur when they saw that it was not there, they were very scared ...

15. - Do you want to come with me to the zoo? - Marcos asked with a shy face.

"I would like it very much," answered Abel. - But I have to stay to finish the summary of the book for the language class.

- Do you want me to help you? - Marcos says, who had no desire to go alone to the zoo.

- That would be great, so I will have time to go see the animals with you. - Exclaims Abel with great enthusiasm.

And that's how these two friends were they went to the zoo together to observe their favorite animals.

16. The cat meows, the dog barks, and the rooster wakes them all up every morning. Three cows, two horses, a rabbit and a duck live on the farm who is always in a bad mood.

Don't forget to suggest that your students complete the dictation exercise by illustrating it from behind with a nice drawing.

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