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Cascabel recognizes his mistakes. I count on values ​​for children

Cascabel recognizes his mistakes. I count on values ​​for children

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Being humble also means learning to acknowledge our mistakes. Learning to rectify and accept mistakes is important, and you can explain it to your children through this beautiful children's story. Do not stop reading with your children the story of 'Cascabel recognizes his mistakes', a very interesting short story for children to learn to recognize their faults, mistakes and defects.

The Rattlesnake squirrel came to class distracted and inadvertently nudged the inkwell on the little donkey Galileo's desk. A huge black stain ate the drawing that Galileo was finishing.

- Hala, I have spoiled! - Poor Galileo lamented.

- What a shame, it was beautiful! - added the Roqui turtle. It was the fault of Cascabel who came here like crazy!

- Oh what a mess! - replied the squirrel - But if Galileo hadn't put the ink in the corner, nothing would have happened!

- How? - Roqui chided him -. Immediately ask Galileo for forgiveness or I'll get mad at you!

The squirrel and the turtle were about to continue arguing when the teacher Owl appeared through the door. Galileo hurried to clean the ink and Rattlesnake went to his place.

Roqui turned to Galileo and said:

- Cascabel is very good, but she never admits her faults.

In the afternoon, the squirrel was giddy again because he was late to the laboratory and could not stop in time, colliding with the table at the entrance.

- Clinc, crash, catacrash!

The noise was awful! Three test tubes, a measuring cylinder, and a glass bottle had been broken into pieces.

- Good grief, Rattlesnake! Are you okay? - Asked the teacher Owl.

- Yes - said the squirrel (although actually she felt ashamed) - I'm very sorry.

She had realized that both this time and the one with the inkwell, it was only her fault for being so crazy. From now on, he would be more careful. So he went to ask Galileo and Roqui for forgiveness, and they were very happy.

Cascabel learned that:If you recognize your mistakes, it is easy for the best ones.

Find out if your child understood the message of this short story. You can help yourself with these questions:

1. What happened to Cascabel when he entered class?

2. Did Cascabel apologize for what he did?

3. Did something happen to Cascabel again at school?

4. Did you finally admit your mistakes?

5. What did Cascabel learn from everything that happened this day?

6. What have you learned from this story?

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