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Saint Ruth Day, June 4. Names for girls

Saint Ruth Day, June 4. Names for girls

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Ruth is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that has a double meaning of 'friendship' and 'beauty'. It is one of those names from the biblical tradition that today's parents like to rescue.

If this is the name you have given her or are thinking of naming your daughter, you should know that she is gaining popularity in recent years due to her simple beauty and because she gives it a distinguished air. Celebrate your name day June 4, What is it St. Ruth's day. If you are looking for pretty girl names, consider the name Ruth, which can also be written as Ruth.

Have you been looking for a precious name to call the little baby on the way for some time? Did you call your daughter Ruth? In both cases, we must tell you that the choice was the right one, without a doubt. Because Ruth is a name that conveys beauty and sweetness, as well as tradition and elegance.

The saints dedicate the date of June 4 to celebrate his name day, in honor of Santa Ruth or Santa Ruth, since it is common to find it written in either of the two ways. As you may already know, this saint is a woman with a prominent role in the Bible, more specifically in the Old Testament. In fact, you may have heard of the Book of Ruth.

The holy scriptures speak of a woman who was widowed before having children. To survive since they had been left without sustenance, he had to travel to Judah with his mother-in-law Naomi (who had also been left without a husband). Eventually, Ruth will remarry Boaz, a wealthy man with land, and together they will have a son, great-grandfather of King David.

Given the relationship with Naomi, the day of Santa Naomi is also celebrated on June 4.

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The name Ruth is known in all languages ​​with hardly any variations, although the forms Ruth and Rut are equally valid in Spanish. In Portuguese, however, this name is Rute. The presence of this name in the Old Testament It has made it popular until it is a very familiar and loved name anywhere.

The popularity of your daughter's name has made us also come across numerous places and cities named Ruth, especially in the US. It has been many women around the world who have popularized this name: the anthropologist Ruth Benedict, the singer Ruth Brown, the businesswoman Ruth Handler, the singer Ruth Lorenzo, the athlete Ruth Beitia ...

Have you ever tried to calculate what number corresponds to the name you like for your baby? We help you to do it! To do this, we must take into account what value numerology gives to each of the letters that make up Ruth's name. In this case, we have: R (9), U (3), T (2), H (8). If we add these numbers we have 22 which, if we add the two figures again, we get that the number that corresponds to Ruth is 4.

According to numerology, all girls who are related to the number 4 have the capacity for effort printed in their way of being from the moment they are born. Therefore, they are small who, in general, tend to be very fighter and dedicated. Their quick learnings will surprise you! If we add to this that they are very curious and responsible, we could say that girls named Ruth are very smart.

By the meaning of her name, Ruth implies a charismatic personality full of joy and emotion. Her sociable and friendly character make her the center of her group of friends and her alert intelligence makes her capable of carrying out any project. In addition, Ruth has a mysterious and sensitive character, which makes her a natural seducer.

If you like the name Ruth for your baby, but your decision is not yet final, you may like these other names for girls. Like this one, they have four letters, which means that they are very direct names and that they convey great strength. We tell you what is the origin and meaning of each of them so that making the decision of how to name your baby is easier.

  • Mara. Mara is a beautiful name that conveys great sweetness, but also power and power. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'bitterness' or 'affliction', although it must be said that it also means 'the romantic woman'.
  • Agnes. What a beautiful name! Ines is a name whose roots lie in Ancient Greece. Its meaning refers to purity. But, in addition, it is a very literary name, since it is impossible not to remember the Inés of 'Don Juan Tenorio' from Zorrilla.
  • Nora. This name is a success, since it sounds like history and tradition, as well as freshness. It is a name that, according to experts, could come from Leonora. Its origin is Celtic and means 'the one that grows'. And, without a doubt, your baby will grow faster than you would like.
  • Emma. Emma is a name for a girl that is very fashionable at the moment. It is of German origin and means 'strength'. But don't you think that sounds really nice and sweet?
  • Gala. If you like names that do not go unnoticed, Gala could be the right name for your baby. Its origin is German and means 'old'. But surely you have remembered Salvador Dalí's wife and muse.

If you've finally decided to call your baby Ruth, remember to give her a big hug every June 4th!

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