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Calendar of the names of the saints of July

Calendar of the names of the saints of July

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Are you thinking of choosing one of the names of saints for your baby who is going to be born in the month of July? It's a great idea and a tradition ingrained in many families. In order to help you in this difficult task of choosing the best way to call your son or daughter, in we have prepared a calendar of the names of saints that are celebrated in July.

In addition, the saints that we propose below will also be very useful if you want to know what day your son or daughter's onomastics is celebrated and in honor of which saint. Congratulations to all who have their saint in July!

The calendar of the names of saints leaves us some baby names that are precious and that, without a doubt, can inspire you when it comes to choosing what name do you want to give your son or daughter. There is a bit of everything: classic names that have fallen into disuse like Celso or Fermín, but others that, despite having a long tradition, still sound very modern (like Daniel or Cristina).

Next, we talk about each of the names for boys and girls that are included in this calendar to learn more about their origin, meaning and saint to whom they pay homage.

Knowing the origin and meaning of each of the names for girls that you like for your baby will make it easier for you to choose which is the definitive nickname. These are the girl's names that celebrate their birthday in July.

- Esther or Esther
The month of July begins with the saint of Esther or Esther in honor of the Persian queen Esther, who fought to defend the Jewish people. There are different theories about the origin and meaning of this name, but the most widespread explains that it is a Hebrew name that means 'star'.

- Isabel
On July 4 you cannot forget to congratulate all the girls named Isabel, as her saint is celebrated in honor of Santa Isabel de Portugal, a Portuguese queen who has gone down in history for her great solidarity. Isabel is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'promise of God'.

- Aroa
A day later, on July 5, it is the Aroa that are celebrating. Did you know that Aroa is a Basque name that means 'the right moment'? However, there are experts who assure that it comes from Maori.

- Veronica
A beautiful name, of Greek origin, which means 'the victorious' (although there are those who say it is a Latin name that means 'true image'). On July 9, the day of Saint Veronica Giuliani, a beloved Italian mystic, is celebrated. However, Veronica was also the woman who gave Jesus a cloth so that, during the Stations of the Cross, the blood would be wiped (leaving the Holy Face printed on the cloth).

- Carmen
This is a very common name in countries like Spain, so many families celebrate the Day of Our Lady of Carmen every July 16, a party to honor the patron saint of sailors. Carmen is a name with mysterious origin. It is often said that it comes from Latin and means 'song'.

- Golden
If you are looking for a magical name for your daughter, Áurea could be a beautiful option. As you may have imagined, its meaning refers to gold and its saint is July 19.

- Magdalena
July 22 is the Day of Our Lady of Magdalena, a name that was very frequent although it is heard less and less in babies. It is a Hebrew name that means 'tower of God'. Mary Magdalene is one of the most enigmatic characters to appear in the Bible.

- Brigid
As with Magdalena, Brígida is an unusual name in newborns, however, it has not disappeared thanks to families that maintain the same names in all generations. July 23 is his saint in honor of Saint Bridget, also known as Saint Bridget of Sweden for her birthplace. She was also a mystic and theologian of the Catholic religion.

- Cristina
When July 24 arrives, you will celebrate the day of Santa Cristina, a holy woman who suffered the wrath of her father for giving her fortune to those most in need. Cristina is a Greek name that means 'the one who follows Christ'.

- Ana
This is one of the most frequent names of all those included in the calendar of the names of the July saints. His saint is celebrated on July 26, the same as that of San Joaquín, grandparents' day. We cannot forget that they were the grandparents of Jesus. Ana is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'full of grace and compassion'.

- Natalie
Natalia is a name related to Christmas, as it refers to birth. Its origin is Latin and its saint on July 27, in honor of Santa Natalia de Córdoba, who was martyred for her faith.

- Martha
We love the name Marta! His saint is July 29, in honor of Saint Martha of Bethany, in whose house Jesus stayed in one of the episodes of the Bible. Marta is of Aramaic origin and means 'lady'.

We are now going to analyze the names for children who celebrate their saint in the month of July. Some of them will surprise you!

- Vidal
On July 2 the day of Santo Vidal is celebrated. You may not know many children named Vidal, since it is a name almost disappeared. However, it could be a good option for all those parents looking for original names with a precious meaning. This name of Latin origin means 'that gives life'.

- Thomas
Do you like the name Tomas for your baby? You should know that it is a name of Aramaic origin and that it means 'the twin'. His name day is celebrated on July 3 in honor of the prophet Santo Tomás.

- Isaiah
Do you know what day the saint of Isaiah is celebrated? May 9 and July 6! Isaiah was one of the most relevant biblical prophets. If you like this name for your baby, you should know that its origin is Hebrew and that it means 'Yahveh is salvation'.

- Fermin
Almost no Spaniard forgets what day San Fermín is: July 7! This is a holiday that is very much enjoyed in the north of Spain. Beyond this celebration, you should know that Fermín is a name of Latin origin that means 'solid'.

- Edgar
If you are thinking of calling your baby Edgar, you should know that you are going to celebrate his saint on July 8 in honor of an English king known as Edgar the Pacific. This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means 'the one who defends the earth with spears'. You can put your baby Edgar, Édgar or Edgardo.

- Cristobal
Saint Christopher of Lycia is celebrated on July 10, a martyr who was killed by the Roman Empire while defending his Christian faith. Cristobal's name is of Greek origin and means 'the one who bears Christ'.

- Benedict
This name may sound old, but it is undoubtedly elegant. Also, did you know that his saint is July 11? Benito is a contraction of Benedict, so it can be determined that it is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who receives the good name'.

- Felix
The meaning of Felix makes this name very apt for any newborn baby. And it comes from Latin and means 'happy' or 'lucky'. His saint is celebrated every July 2 in honor of Saint Felix.

- Enrique
There are many parents around the world who have chosen this name for their baby, in some of its variants (Enric, Quique, Enrico, Henry ...). His saint is celebrated on July 13 in honor of King Henry II the saint. Also, you should know that it is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the lord of his house'.

- Camilo
The name Camilo is very frequent in some regions of Latin America. His name day is celebrated on July 14 in honor of Saint Camillus de Lelis, while its origin is Latin and means 'minister' or 'priest'.

- Bonaventure
On July 15, Bonaventure is celebrated in honor of Saint Bonaventure of Fidanza, a Franciscan mystic who lived in Italy and France.

- Alejo
July 17 is the day of Santo Alejo, an original name and a different option to call your baby. The origin of this name is Greek and its meaning is 'the protector'.

- Frederick
Federico or Fede (which is the most frequent diminutive) is a masculine name of Germanic origin that means 'prince of peace'. Did you know that his saint is July 18? This day is celebrated in honor of Saint Frederick of Utrecht.

- Elijah
Elías is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'my God is Yahweh'. If you are thinking of calling your son this beautiful name, you must remember that his saint is July 20, in honor of the Hebrew prophet Elijah.

- Daniel
This is one of the most used boy names right now, because it sounds nice. In addition, the meaning of this name of Hebrew origin is very beautiful: 'justice of God'. You may already know that San Daniel is July 21, in honor of the young Daniel who was thrown into the cage of lions and they did not attack him.

- Santiago
Santiago, who is the patron saint of Spain, is celebrated on July 25. This name is of Hebrew origin and means 'God will reward'. This name has other widely used variants for babies: Yago, Jaime, Jacobo, etc.

- Celso
If you are looking for an elegant and traditional name, Celso may be the option that you like. Its origin is Latin and means 'sublime'. His saint is July 28.

- German
On July 30, the day of San Germán is celebrated, a name of German origin that means 'the warrior'. Do you like it for your baby? It is indisputable that it is a name with great strength and claw.

- Ignacio
And the last day of July, July 31, is the day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. This name is of Latin origin and means 'born of fire'.

In addition to your son's saint, July 26 is one of the most important dates of the entire month. And it is that on this day grandparents day is celebrated. As you may know, this date has been selected because it is the day of Santa Ana and San Joaquín, who were the parents of the Virgin Mary and, therefore, the grandparents of Jesus.

Grandparents have an essential role within the family. In many cases, they take care of the grandchildren when the parents are working, but they are also a source of endless wisdom and experience for children (and adults). Grandparents should be forever, right?

Therefore, we can take advantage of July 26 to ask them that little tribute that they deserve so much. We can give them a small homemade gift, we can recite a poem dedicated to their work, we can write them a letter ... or we can simply give them a giant hug and thank them for how much they contribute to us the rest of the days of the year.

Mark on the calendar: July 30 is friendship day. But it is also that, in addition, the day of the friend is also celebrated in many countries such as Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay or Chile on July 20. For this reason, July has to become the month of gratitude for the loyalty and affection of all our friends.

The popular phrase says that friends are the family that you do choose ... And teach children how important it is to take care of friends, as well as transmit to them what it is loyalty, affection and honesty It's very important. Can we take advantage of July 30 to start this education in values?

The truth is that the month of July leaves us many important international days that we must write down in our agendas, since they are the perfect excuse to provide important learning for our children.

For example, July 1 is international joke day. Of course, we can take advantage of it to tell each other funny jokes and laugh without stopping. Kids' favorites are usually the highs and Jaimito's, right? If you encourage your children to learn a joke, you are working on their memory.

He July 3 is plastic bag free day. Why don't we take the opportunity to review some of our habits at home that are more harmful to the environment? For example, let's change the use of plastic bags (which often remain in the seas and oceans and take many years to biodegrade) for cloth bags.

But we cannot ignore that July 8 is allergy day; the 13th, the day of rock; the 17th, the one with the emoji; on the 18th that of Nelson Mandela; and the 21st, the day of the dog.

And if you want to know other dates of saints throughout the year, do not hesitate to consult the rest of our saints, month by month.

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