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Three good friends. Children's story about the value of friendship

Three good friends. Children's story about the value of friendship

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Some children have a hard time giving in. They cling to their own and are unable to contemplate perspectives other than their own. This children's story, entitled 'Wolf, Blackbird and Toad. Three Good Friends' talks about the need to give in generously at certain times, as the payoff can be even better. Is about a story for children that will make you reflect on the value of friendship.

Lobo, Mirlo and Sapo were very good friends.

When they met after the terrible hurricane, they did not know which way to go, but they were clear that they did not want to part again.

"Let's talk about it," said Wolf, as he took a seat next to a thick log. "I'd rather go to the mountains, because I like the cold and the snow."

"I would prefer to go to the river, because I love swimming and diving among the ivy," Sapo said.

- Well, I would rather go to a forest full of trees, because I like to sing hidden among the leaves and make my nest among the branches - Mirlo said.

"We will have to give in to something if we want to stay together," Wolf spoke again.

Everyone was silent for a few minutes reflecting.

Wolf did not like water, so he immediately discarded the river; but it could try to adapt to living in the grove as long as you don't lose your friends.

Toad quickly ruled out going to live in the mountains; there lived the snake that he feared so much, but I could live among the trees as long as he was with his good friends.

Blackbird thought that maybe could adapt to living in the mountains, and although the water did not please him, he could make an effort to live near the river and make his nest in a tall bush.

The three talked to each other to find a solution and not have to separate.

- Hey, friends! - They heard what they said.

- Yes! It is to you - said a big brown bear - excuse me if I get where they do not call me, but I am listening ...I know of a place where the three of you would be very happy. Where I live, I walk in the mountains with my bear friends, and I'm sure Lobo would like it. There are lush and tall trees with strong branches, there Blackbird could make his nest, and near my cave runs a mighty river of transparent waters where I quench my thirst, and Toad could swim and play as much as he wanted.

Everyone was very happy. Thanks to Bear they found a beautiful natural place to live. None of them had to give up their way of life, although they were willing to do so to stick together and also made a new friend.

Take advantage of this fun moment with the children, in which you have stopped to read a beautiful story, to ask them some reading comprehension questions. They will help you to know if the child has paid attention to reading and if he is improving his understanding of the text.

1. What animals were very good friends?

2. What did the three friends disagree on?

3. Who suggested a solution?

4. What was the solution to the friend problem?

In addition, you can propose some more questions to your son or daughter to get their point of view on the text, improve their reasoning skills, work on empathy and get their opinion. The following questions will help you lead a conversation in which you reflect on the true value of friendship.

5. What would you have done if you had been one of the main characters in this story?

6. Do you think the solution they found was the best option?

7. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What did you do? How did you feel?

First friends are always unforgettable. There will always be room in our adult hearts for these first playmates. As shown in this story, friends are by our side to help and understand us. But having good friends has other benefits for children, as detailed in the research article 'Children's friendships: development, functions and intervention guidelines at school', by María Ángeles Melero from the University of Cantabria and María Jesús Sources of the University of Malaga.

- Having friends helps children's emotional development: they provide them with love and emotional support.

- Social skills should begin to be trained from childhood.

- Friendships make children feel more confident about themselves.

- Thanks to friends, children develop the feeling of equality (they relate to equals). This allows you to learn different ways of relating beyond your relationship with your parents or grandparents.

- The feeling of belonging to a group or community with which the child shares interests, makes him feel safe.

- Through their friends, children get to know other realities different from those they live at home. They learn that everyday life is different in each home and they learn to relate to people who come from different backgrounds.

- In addition, friends also serve as a reference and learning model (sometimes positive and sometimes negative) for children.

As you know, the Children's Stories They are an excellent educational resource for children to better understand some concepts and values ​​such as friendship. That is why, in addition to 'Three good friends', on our site we have many other beautiful stories that you can share with your children to help them reflect and take care of their friends.

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